Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


needs current non-gm lease (+$15/month or +$500 with loyalty lease), needs holiday promo, OC tax 7.75%
700 total due at signing, 36m
300 incl tax on 10k
312 incl tax on 12k
331 incl tax on 15k

24m onepay
7200 on 10k
7600 on 12k
8000 on 15k


deal updated below.


in case you ever want to calculate RV on any car

So the MSRP of the Bolt EV is 43,725
the RV on 10,000 miles is 56%
so you do 43725 x .56 = 24,486

similar example,
equinox LS is 26990 with 67% RV on 15k miles
so 26990 x .67 = 18083.3

just keep in mind, its residual value PLUS sales tax (and probably registration since it’ll be expiring) when you buy out your lease.


Hello! Can you get crunch some numbers for either the Trax or Cruze leases? I currently have a GM lease, employed at a company eligible for the GM Supplier program, and a Costco member if that is still active. I’m open to Onetime Pay if helps get a better deal. Don’t know if I missed any other incentives. But thank you in advanced! Looking for the cheapest lease of anything other than the Compact cars! So Cal Local.


What’s “holiday promo”?
How would GM supplier code/Costco affect the price?


What are the current incentives for 2018-2019 Volt and Bolt? Excluding competitive lease/supplier/costco…


the trax and the cruze, different trims/ years still come in higher than the equinox. RV is lower and rates are higher. they’re better on purchase because you can knock almost 45% off MSRP with the right rebates. email me


same thing.


deal no longer available.


This is an example of one truck, basically all the Silverados have anywhere from 6-10,000 in rebate before dealer discount.

with holiday, lease loyalty, and financing with GMF
29000 + fees on LT Crew 2wd MSRP 44530


needs gmsupplier, holiday, lease loyalty (+$15/month for non-gm) OC tax 7.75%
zero driveoff, zero down
450 incl tax on 10k
464 incl tax on 12k
492 incl tax on 15k


2019 Colorado Crew cab white, short box WT 3v6 w/ WT appearance pkg & convenience pkg.

needs current lease any brand, needs holiday promo, OC tax 7.75%
700 total due at signing, 24m
260 incl tax on 10k
273 incl tax on 12k
286 incl tax on 15k

5900 on 10k
6250 on 12k
6600 on 15k


deal no longer available


Are the Trailboss trucks also on same rebates and discounts like the 1500 ??


The trailboss is new for 2019 and there’s limited inventory and like no rebates or discounts on them. Year model 2018 has all the rebates.


Any deals on 4x4 Tahoes?


Any deals on the Equinox LT? Leasing 2015 Civic and have supplier code. Zip 91306.


hey! getting back to your email :slight_smile: been slammed over here


i discount all the things except our ZR1 and 2019 Silverado Trailbosses. I’ll have to do it by trade because looks like i’m out of 4wd Tahoes.


i hope the LH fam is staying safe out in TO/ Ventura/Malibu/Calabasas. In case anyone needs trucks/trailers to get stuff out, call me. 9097813640.