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i’ll be off thurs, sat, and sun. i’ll be in Friday to post some new deals.
email and i’ll give you updated numbers Friday.

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can i email you? i have a couple questions about tahoe lease.


of course.


you never replied to my email😔


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PM’d you @chevysalesgirl


for quotes please email
most structures stayed the same with some an extra 500 or 750. i didn’t make a sheet. it’s getting difficult to generalize pricing since it’s la vs oc tax, lease loyalty vs competitive, onepay vs monthly. rates went up though. i’ll post new deals monday. only two 2018 Bolt EV premiers left.
i’m going to be off this weekend if i don’t text back, i’m sorry and i’ll respond Monday. :revolving_hearts::hugs:

norcal - @chevyphil
out of state - @benedetto , @nyclife or any other broker on here (but I can help with your structure or point you in the right direction)

check your employer -
college student/ recent grad
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Hi Tricia, I think with Costco membership, one will be eligible for supplier rebates n pricing. Isn’t that true?


needs current lease (+$15/month or +$500 without), needs holiday promo, OC tax 7.75% (LA is higher)

$3,650 down. ($2500, $700 holiday, $450 edison
280 incl tax on 10k
291 incl tax on 12k
314 incl tax on 15k

$3,200 down. ($2500, $700 holiday)
294 incl tax on 10k
306 incl tax on 12k
327 incl tax on 15k

zero driveoff, zero down
395 incl tax on 10k
406 incl tax on 12k
427 incl tax on 15k

12000 on 10k
12400 on 12k
13300 on 15k

CVRP, Holiday promo, Edison NOT factored in or redeemed by dealer or responsible for awarding/denying. the cash down are paid to dealer, what you get back is based on income, residency, and membership standing. for those that don’t have the supplier discount or current lease for 2018 year model, this is a good alternative since you automatically will get supplier and 300/700 back.



yes that’s correct.


Do u have an updated Google sheets file?


i’m not doing a sheet this month or next. it’s such a mess between 2018/2019, loyalty/competitive, costco/not, supplier/ not. i have to do them one by one.


deal no longer available


What is the residual on this Bolt Premiere?


56 on 10k, 55 12k, 53 15k.


Thanks, what is the actual $ figure of the residual for the 10k…I’m wondering in case I want to buy it after the lease.


24,486 … 202020


Seriously? You cant calculate that yourself?