Cheapest Lease Possible!

Need a car for the inlaws, need the cheapest lease of a car possible. doesnt matter brand/model… Subaru? Toyota, etc etc… Whats gonna be the cheapest car out there for a lease?

Mazda CX5 or Mazda 6 lease we’ll right now. About $240/mo with only first month due at signing. Mess around in Honcker. Maybe you’ll find something better. Make sure you put cars registered at that address to your profile so discounts can be applied.

The cheapest consistent lease right now is probably the Subaru Impreza which many people are getting for $150-$160/mo.

Look around here at the deals people are posting. Try comparing with the same criteria- say $1,000 or just 1st payment DAS to compare payments. Buick Encores have been getting a lot of play. Seems like a very inlaw kind of car… If they need AWD, it’s hard to beat Subaru.

Vw, sonata and impreza

Is 150-160 $0 down? Thanks!

$0 down means no CCR (capitalized cost reduction = down payment). $150-160 DAS (due at signing) means you’re capitalizing the registration, acquisition fee, documentation fees, etc. I suggested that so you’d have a level playing field to compare payments.

Well, here is a dealer in SoCal - AUGUST: VW and Subaru Lease Hacker Deals. SOCAL, spreadsheet

Currently $693 DAS and $169/mo+tax. $500 Costco thing can be applied on top of it. There are other people getting slightly better deals with some haggling at other dealerships.

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This is what my brokerage has as the cheapest possible lease. For Kia I can only do deals in California.

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You might find low prices on base model Elantra’s or Sonata’s (but above the base trim levels, lease prices shot up from what I found in July anyway).

I also found Jeep Compass’s had competitive lease pricing (again, in July, may be different for August), and ended up getting a loaded Compass Limited for not much more than an Elantra Value Edition I had been considering. (I recently posted a separate thread on the Jeep deal I got)

If you’re comparing 3 year leases, figure $1,000 DAS is worth about $27-28/mo + tax in the payment. For 2 years, it’s higher, like around $41-42/mo + tax. That’s an easy way to make them apples to apples.

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How many miles do they drive (per yr)?

less than 10K miles is ok

VW Jetta is your car.

Interestingly, last month VW Passats were leasing for lower payments than Jettas for a while, not sure if that’s still the case!

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? Where. Encores are nowhere close to where they were 3,4 months ago. I haven’t seen any decent deal posted here for a while as well. 2 months ago, I was able to get someone at $199 with only first due but that was still not close to March numbers.

Mark Christopher Buick (Ontario, Ca) is advertising Encores at $129/month with $995 down plus drive offs. Last month they had $119/mo Encore leases with ~$900 total out of pocket.

3,4 months ago they were at $140 with only first due at signing remember :slight_smile:

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I do remember, I leased my 3rd Encore last February and got a very good deal. But not as good as they were in March. The year earlier(2017) I leased an (different) encore for next to nuthin’ with all their rebates. The spouse and I are a 2-Encore family. We-like it that way :slight_smile:

Still, The current Mark Christopher Encore deal is in the ballpark for best bang for the buck.

The better deal there though is their $149/mo Terrain lease, $0 down plus drive offs.

The reason I dont trust ads is because they always have stuff added on.