Cheapest compact SUV these days

I have a friend that asked help to find cheap lease that will be used lightly (<7.5k miles per year). She prefers a compact or small SUV. We are in Atlanta/GA.

I think I can find a Tiguan S around $200/month (before taxes) and Zero Drive off.

Anything other ideas?


The Toyota RAV4 has good residual value in the south east

Of course it’s vary by region but for my area, money factor for Tiguan SE is .120 and residual is 57% ish… I don’t think Tiguan is cheap.

I wish Tiguan SE were cheaper, otherwise I would get one :frowning: But if front emergency braking is a must, I’m not aware of a cheaper option

I think the cheapest compact SUV these days is still the Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain.

Tiguan and Forester were leasing really well the last few months, but seem slightly more expensive now.

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What about something a little smaller like a Rogue Sport or Kick?

Someone posted this earlier for SoCal - 2018 GMC Terrain SLE or Buick Encore - $149 / 0 down / 24 months

Not sure if it can be duplicated in Georgia.