2018 GMC Terrain SLE or Buick Encore - $149 / 0 down / 24 months

For whatever it’s worth, this dealer is offering those deals:

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Do you have any details on this deal? The link doesn’t give you much.

Today I’ve seen more Terrains (SLE) in my neighborhood than Encores so they must be a better deal or more amenities, For a short term lease I’d go for the Terrain than Encore. But since my friends have both, the overall fit an finish goes to the Buick.

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I’m a broker (NO Additional broker fee for this deal) in the Los Angeles/SoCal area. I have a dealer doing a lease special on the Terrain SLE:

MSRP: $29,290.
Term: 24 months.
Miles/Year: 10,000.
Total due at signing: $1,299.
Monthly: $149+Tax.
Competitive lease: Any NON-GM lease in the household.
Broker Fee: paid by the dealer.

PM me if you’re interested.

Isn’t that a worse deal than the one advertised above? Or about the same. I can’t decipher the small print.

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Is the Supplier incentive already baked into this deal?

For what it’s worth, Mark Christopher GMC in Ontario, Ca is doing the same deal ($0 down and $149/mo) with only $1033 drive offs.



After you show up at Mark christopher and they raise the price by $1,000, give me a call.

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Mr. Cookies,

This deal is deeper than the supplier discount.


It’s within a few dollars give or take. Only difference is that my price is 100% legit (no bait and switch) and will be done for those who qualify (credit and competitive lease).

Any chance a similar deal will pop up in NY this month? Missed the Encore deal earlier in the year.

Its competitive, not conquest.
For competitive you need a copy of a current lease agreement.
Conquest was in march and april this year which is to have any lease or owned non gm in household.

It’s actually competitive lease, so I’ll change it. Thanks Mani.

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Your welcome. But there is no conquest this month. GM sets only one or the other every month. You might want to confirm with dealer, unless they are offering something different on west coast but I doubt as thats a big difference.

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Hi BigL. Can you please Pm me regarding leasing a QX60? Thanks!

Can you please send me the details for GMC Terrain, I am in Sacramento.

What about the SLT or even the SLT Diesel

It is approx $100 more per month for the SLT (MSRP: $34,800-35,200). The diesel I would have to find to get you some numbers. Please PM me.

Anyone gain traction for similar pricing in the tri state? NJ based


Competitive is still only non GM cars, right? I only have GM :confused: