Suggestions for cheapest 2-yr lease available for a safe AWD (to transport kids)?

hello leasehackr,
newbie here!
i live in the northeast.
starting in mid-september or early october, we will need a car for our childcare provider to drive our 2 kids around for short distances (both in childseats) . looking for awd (lots of snow and a hilly driveway), SAFE(top safety ratings), dependable car while not breaking the bank(would love to have something reliable south of $200/mo incl. tax-6.25% here).

we will need this car for ~2 years, so i am leaning toward a 24-mo lease.

i would appreciate any suggestions/deals you might have.

thanks in advance!

Tiguan SE AWD is the cheapest car out there with full-featured front emergency braking. Even the QX60 doesn’t have it until higher trims / options

Snow tires are far more important than AWD. Having both doesn’t hurt!

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thank you for the suggestion. i am checking it out!

all our cars have had spare snow tires here - agreed, makes a huge difference! i feel awd is necessary also, because a.they really help on our steep-ish driveway, and b.the driver will have a only a couple years’ of experience, so every bit will help! :slight_smile:
thanks again for your help!

Subaru Impreza Hatchback should be doable south of $200


Yep, beat me to the punch.

The Subaru is listed in the marketplace for $169 on the west coast. Might be able to duplicate where you are at.


@BoardWalkNJ @Jesuscookies thanks so much, i will checkout the impreza!