Charger Hellcat WB spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Here’s to hoping you have better luck


Those horse drawn carriages just arent what they used to be anymore.

Transporter must have died of dysentery along the way after trying to ford a river. Prob swallowed some contaminated water in Ohio (sorry).



As in good or bad?

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Very good. 110-120s


What the hell happened to this car ?

A lot of these seem to be in TBD right now. This one happens to be a bit of an earlier build though.

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Fast And Furious Train GIF by The Fast Saga

Toretto family nicked it from the train


This is likely for higher msrp builds? Ain’t no way a base hellcat with a couple options would fetch that much.

Could you post 2022 Charger WB MMR’s please???

Title was received at local DMV, will go in tomorrow AM to finally-finalize :joy: hope yours resolves ASAP

I e-mailed a bunch of local dealers for quotes :four_leaf_clover: hope they will send north of $85K :crossed_fingers:

IIRC there aren’t any “base” hellcats for 2023. I would assume you are right that they’re higher msrp/packaged cars but thevresukts don’t give that detail. Hopefully more run through soon to establish MMR and we’ll know

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86,400 but the 3 sales this past week were all north of that but below 90. 1-3k miles

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They refused to send the title to my local DMV even after several calls and confirmations. Did you request the title yourself or did you have the DMV request from CCAP?

I called them “weekly” sometimes twice a week since January… I don’t know if DMV sent a request too, but a spoke with countless clueless reps. that “assured” me title will be sent… and then they finally did. I did request to speak with titles department right after they answered-they didn’t seem to have much knowledge of their internal system… hope you resolve it-or ask for a Supervisor next time and escalate

Bad picture but my last call is here must have been one of the first bc I bought it 1/28 and just had to wait for carrier to pickup.

And for those wanting to see the “special plaque”

It made me laugh bc I couldn’t even find it at first when I popped the hood.


Enjoy man !

Mine shows ETA May 3rd.

It’s amazing how the Mopar folks know how to squeeze the last dollar out of a beyond matured product.

They know how to make the owners feel special about it


Waiiit you had to wait 7 weeks for shipping? I’m prob misunderstanding