Charger Hellcat WB spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc


Am I not seeing something here? Charger/Challenger hellcats ~9% off msrp and combined with 13k bonus cash would make a $78k car for $58k - Carquotes shows $13k cash and so does Edmunds


Base price on a hellcat went up 6k+ the other day

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smh Stellantis

i am sure there is no “select inventory” that would qualify lol


I couldn’t find bonus cash on edmunds

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I just posted on the Charger thread there to see if the hosts have any details.

Whose opening the new charger/hellcat thread !?

Was doing it as you posted that. lol.

So Edmunds host seems to think the incentives are separate. And I think that makes sense when looking at this: 2022 Dodge Charger Incentives and Rebates |

Probably need to speak with a dealer, but I’d guess that maybe it varies depending on the build. The largest being $1k loyalty plus $3300 bonus.

Thanks @Qbrozen . My wife is going to kill me :man_facepalming:t4:. Fourth car in 3 months. The charger would make it 5 !

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I am reaching out to Gupton for the 411


Challenger has similar incentives, although maybe overall lower. Tough to know. 2022 Dodge Challenger Incentives and Rebates |

I would think that what that is showing is a variety of different select incentives and only one at most would apply, not that they would all stack.

Last I checked the forums, the 9% off was on orders only. It’ll be tough finding an in stock unit with that discount. An order on the other hand, would lose the lease cash by the time it arrives.

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The real unicorns here are the 21 hellcat challengers widebody 6 speed
They didn’t make many of them and stopped making em

Unless it can be locked in with sold order protection, which is sometimes the case.

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If that is the case, I will be ordering one TODAY.


I would think any of the V8 options would have potential here because of the move to the tornado i6 coming soon.

@clutch do you know anything about these incentives and if they’re stackable and/or eligible for sold order protection?

I’ll sleep outside in the doghouse too count me in