Charger Hellcat WB spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

I heard they are rare collectables at 50k over msrp.

Not that I really care, but I just looked out of curiosity. They seem to be holding decently well, especially given that we are in the dead of winter. The lowest price (2022+) Charger Hellcat within a 500 mile radius of me is listed at ~$900 below sticker with 6,6xx miles on it.


Meh, maybe in the real extreme cases. Idk what many are financing at, but I’m sure 72 months would be a safe assumption. $80k car, no money down, plus TTL at even a jump up to 8.5% is only about $100 more per month (an ~8% increase in payment) than say today’s 5.5%. I don’t think that will break many buyers.

I wonder what will happen with all these dealers sitting on allocations they haven’t sold and tried to markup 10-20k will do.

They’ll eventually reduce their pricing if they need to. Worst case is they order the car in and do a dealer trade. Someone, somewhere, will want the car. Also remember that some Dodge dealers are likely sweating bullets with the large displacement going away.

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Anyone know a dealer in NJ willing to take these? I am trying to get rid of my 22’ Charger HC. I got plates too.

delete 10char

My dealer gave me the option to use either. The higher msrp gives a sightly lower payment with higher residual

Dealer I sold base TRX to last month for $85k is only offering $75k for Charger. Also have a $74,500 trade offer on a new clubman JCW which they are discounting $3k.

Don’t have tags yet so haven’t been shopping it much but hoping for sticker.

I completely understand how it works, and that didn’t answer the question lol.

I have no idea what the ccap says but since dealer was able to offer any option and get it funded, it’s probably in there somewhere

Yeah, I eventually found it in the documents.

I’m also not sure why one would choose to not use the higher MSRP for leasing. :thinking:

The CAT has landed!


My early June order finally landed yesterday. :poop:


Finally :partying_face:

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Yeah! Of course the vehicle I cared about the most has been an unpromising process since about day 1. :rofl:

I should be picking her up tomorrow… drive home, fuel, wash, and garaged until spring. :crossed_fingers:

Red key in use.


How many miles have you racked up? I like the “slow” sign in the background. :laughing:

I’ve always thought F8 is a great color on the widebodies… I debated for days between F8, Hellraisin & Indigo.

92 miles in 3 weeks lol avg city mpg 10.8 and about 19.2 highway.

Whaaat! You have weather like that (no snow/ice???) and you’ve only done 92 miles? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The fuel economy is actually quite decent IMO. For the displacement, power & size/weight of the car…Hellcat’s aren’t terrible on gas.