Charger Hellcat WB spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

It’s very odd, both Clutch and ALN have said that some approvals have come back with $1195 acq. fee and I want to believe that its the SEBC that chooses to set such high fees but then when I check this map, Gupton also falls in this region and i’ve never paid over $595 from from them. Nonetheless, i’ve asked the dealer to confirm if they are marking up the fee. I can see the SBC setting a $895 fee for a high value vehicle but setting it to $1195 is (like i said) eyewatering :sob:


Well there you have it everybody, CCAP out here killing everybody :joy:.

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Must be regional, I signed at $595 on a GC4xe yesterday.

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It’s model specific.

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I assume it is regional AND model specific.

How crazy. At least you gave it a shot! :joy:

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@LeaseNYC Did they offset the gas guzzler tax in the residual?

They did. No funny stuff

Production line starts back up tomorrow

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When you’ve been counting the days between shutdowns since 08/19, it’s difficult to get too excited anymore. :sweat_smile:

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Its a different story when your car started production the day before the shutdown and is still ‘in production’

May order-Just started production today…hopefully by Feb/March I should get it :upside_down_face:



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@BYGFEET I checked my status because of you and mine finally moved into production as well. I guess F8 Green w/ brass monkeys get last priority :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also just noticed both our “scheduled” and “in production” dates are similar.


14 days ‘in production’ and counting

Nah F8 stripper is last in line

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What is your current ESD?

It was 11/26 then pushed to 12/6

I got an e-mail notification today, so I checked and it was in prod. as of yesterday… I checked yesterday but didn’t have anything new-then today got the e-mail :+1:

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FINALLY in production as of yesterday (showed on the tracker today). :grin: Ordered in June & have been in D1 (i.e. “scheduled”) since August.