Charge Up NJ - Phase 4 (FY24)


The NJ BPU has recently released a compliance filing regarding the updated terms of the Charge Up NJ program for the 2024 Fiscal Year. The incentive terms are as follows:

MSRP < $45,000 = Up to $4000 (unchanged)
$45,000 < MSRP < $55,000 = Up to $1500 (down $500 from $2000 FY23)

  • (unchanged) NJ Residents only (verified with DL), remain resident of NJ for 2 years after purchase/lease, must purchase/lease on/after the official start of the FY24 program, must maintain ownership or active lease agreement with registration with NJMVC for a minimum of 3 years (minimum 36-month lease), maximum 3 incentives per applicant in the 10-year active program period

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Remains unchanged

Incentive Program History:

Phase 1

  • Up to $5000 for EVs, MSRP < $55k
  • Post-Sale Rebate

Phase 2

  • Up to $5000 for EVs, MSRP < $45k
  • Up to $2000 for EVs, $45k < MSRP < $55k
  • Point-of-Sale Incentive

Phase 3

  • Up to $4000 for EVs, MSRP < $45k
  • Up to $2000 for EVs, $45k < MSRP < $55k
  • Point-of-Sale Incentive
  • EV Charger Incentive Rebate - $250

Charge Up NJ (FY24) Compliance Filing (Draft for Public Comment):

Notice of Public Hearing (June 2, 2023, 12:30 PM EST):


Wow… they announced that quickly. Is it expected to start in July?

Your historical breakdown is incorrect btw… may have just been a typo.

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

I thought it was always up to $4k with MSRP up to $45k
phase 1 $5k post sale was great. Most dealers didn’t know about it.

If I remember correctly, since the Model 3 was eligible with Phase 1 for the full $5K, the total allocation was gone very fast.

My Phase 3 was a typo but for Phase 2 that was the proposal but it didn’t stand well with the public, here was the updated: