🚨 Charge Up NJ Phase 3 IS HERE (7/25/22)


I agree. They have just made this so much more complicated and difficult than necessary.

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I’m with you. No one on here is keeping the car for 3 years either so ymmv. The real gem was when tesla msrp’s were below $55k the first (year) go round.

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Do you think it is eligible if ‘reservation’ was done prior to 7/25, but order confirmed on/after 7/25? Like Ford Lightning/VW took reservation fee of $100, and then they invite to order at some point later.

I’m plugging in the numbers in the Calculator. Would the $4000 rebate count as taxed or untaxed incentive or just remove it from the MSRP and enter it as the selling price? Thanks in advance.

most cases it doesn’t matter since EVs are tax em exempt. Just make sure it’s $25 miles per EPA rated all electric mile of range if the car is rated under 200 miles. But for cars like PHEVs that get it I would assume it’s off the MSRP or an untaxed incentive.

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For anyone who wants weekend reading

Seems like a waste. I called pretty much every Chevy and Nissan dealer in Nj and they either don’t have any ev cars or only have premium models which they had no interest in aggressively selling or leasing.

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If you want to order a Bolt or Bolt EUV at MSRP PM me

Curious if you are able to get a new Nissan Leaf S at msrp?

Hey, friends,

I just wanted to report a small victory related to the Charger Reimbursement Incentive.
According to this page, the only chargers that qualify for the reimbursement are the [lame 32A] Loop chargers that aren’t even available for sale, and I did look long and hard to see their pricing.
I did email ChargeUp (also emailed my request to Gov. Murphy and Center for Sustainable Energy), asking them to approve ChargePoint and JuiceBox - the current market leaders and the models qualified by PSEG for the reduced utility rate.
Their last response was “Manufacturers have to sign up for the program…and…JuiceBox does not yet qualify”
Last Friday I went in to complete my application, after I bought my 40A JuiceBox.
Interestingly, the application page’s Charger Model selection did allow to select my charger model, and it also contained ChargePoint chargers, too.
My application was approved today, just 2 days later!
So, don’t believe their qualified chargers list and apply away!
I hope it helped!


This is great to hear. Where did you buy your juicebox?

I went into the application and didn’t see ChargePoint. May yours be different?

Same… no ChargePoint…I ended up getting a Blink for a second home since I already have a JuiceBox…$210 effectively after rebate.

An annoying thing I found out is you need to go through the full application process with PSEG NJ to get the discounted off hour charging rate. Estimate from electrician, permit, etc even though I already had the plug and JuiceBox unit installed.

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What is the discount off hour charging rate?

Pending charger approval, customers may receive a Residential Off-Peak Credit for charging during off-peak periods to help reduce costs.

  • Off-peak periods are defined as 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. from Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Residential Off-Peak Credit is approximately $0.02/kWh.
  • To be eligible to receive the Residential Off-Peak Credit, the customer must be using a Level 2 smart charger from the approved PSE&G list on this page.

What’s weird is that JCP&L, the utility provider in my area doesnt seem to offer any discount for off peak charging. Weird.

They do, but you need to go through that process to install the smart level 2 charger first just like PSE&G


Now that the Enel X (JuiceBox) is now an eligible list for the $250 EVSE rebate from NJ, I wanted to share a little deal I found on it. Enel X and Uber partnered up to get “$125 off” one of their units. It is $80 off and free 15,000 miles equivalent of JuiceEco clean energy production ($45 value).

Here is the link: JuiceBox charging stations for drivers with Uber: faster, smarter, cleaner electric vehicle home charging | Enel X Way

Even though it’s a partnership with Uber, I added one to the cart and got as far as I could without buying it and it didn’t ask for any uber info (which is not hard to get regardless). Says it ends 9/30

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