Changing the price on add ons like VIN etching before signing


Dealer sent a lease agreement. It includes this UV theft fee for $300. He tells me there’s no way to remove it or change the price on it. I won’t walk away because of it but it sucks knowing this is up charged by 500%. Anyone here have any luck changing the price on add ons you never asked for?

Well there’s your answer then.


Yes I had luck before. I walked away.

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just deduct it from the price of the car. Same with ridiculously marked up doc fee or any other BS charge.

That’s also another issues. The dealer fee is $599. This is NJ though I was prepared for it. I just really don’t want to pay that UV fee.

This is what I’ve always done if I felt I had a mutually agreed upon deal and some BS thing was added at the end - “Fine, but reduce it from the selling price of the vehicle”. That or walk away. I know the “why walk away over $100” crowd will advise otherwise (and rationally they are correct) - but for me it’s not about the $, it’s the principle of it and the cost of the aggravation and emotional consequences of feeling taken advantage of (yes I have issues, talk to my therapist) - it’s all worth a lot more than a $ figure to me so. If I feel like I’m getting screwed it’s worth it to me to walk away no matter what the amount. Everyone else’s mileage surely varies and it’s a personal choice I think as to what you are OK with.

TLDR; yeah, what he said. The take it off the selling price thing.


Did you settle in a car? Going for the S90? S5? M340?


Can I politely ask why I wasn’t allowed to shop around? Kind of getting tired of the circle jerk here. Buying a car isn’t like buying a T-shirt to me, I dont know.

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On a new car when the dealer does this? Absolutely walk away on principle. If it’s the one and only last model year as lease support is ending? Or two years to order another? Personal choice, but why pay for something you didn’t want or got added at the end without knowing.

One dealer near me puts lojack on EVERY car, would not take it off, would not discount it, would not let me wait for one off the truck that wasn’t lojacked. I neither leased from them nor that brand, I moved on to something else.

It was a sincere query. Unfortunate you felt personally attacked by it. This is a lease hacking forum, after all and the “what car did you get” question tends to be the basis of most conversations here.

It’s been the running joke pretty much since I first started posting. So, my bad. Just getting sensitive to it. Anyway. S5.

But I dont know now with the ridiculous fees added on. It would have been likely I find another car in NJ and I’ll find another fee. My first lease I paid $300 for leather cleaner because he couldn’t remove it.

Good choice. My favorite car of the three Germans.

Ask them to remove the $300 charge and pay $300 more for the car.


Let me ask you a question. If the payment you agreed to before you got the lease agreement is same, does it make a difference ?

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I was asking them to remove it first time I saw the offer and just kept being told it’s impossible. I keep trying to move past it but it’s principle like another user said. Also, because as I said earlier I paid $300 once for leather cleaner because it couldn’t be removed. When it comes down to it, I don’t think I can walk away. I can’t find another dealer to replicate this for me.

I dont get it. You just posted that you noticed the $300 charge when you received the contract, is that right?
You had already negotiated your drive off and your monthly before you got the agreement ? Correct ?

Yessir…that happened. Was hoping to get this changed with the finance office. Am I crazy? Sure you’ll say that next.

So my question is this. If they gave you a $300 more discount on the sales price and have that $300 UV charge but the payments part remains same, are you trying to get them to remove it so the price is lower than what you have agreed to ?

I won’t, I promise