Car Totaled in lease?



So we finalized a deal with MB and did all paperwork with finance manager but they cannot give us the car since it is out of state registration. Mass doesn’t do temp plates so do you know if we can cancel the deal all together and go to another dealer in NH let’s say?

I don’t understand how all the dealers in Mass say “we do LOTS of deals out of the state” when they can’t even issue temp tags

I talked to DMV in NC and they said it might take up to 30-45 days!

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Maybe they trailer them home or have them delivered. Rent a u-haul pickup truck + trailer.


For MA dealer, out of state = NH


They won’t release the car at all. To their credit they gave us a basic C300 loaner till we get the car but we paid first months payment upfront so I already told them we will like to be reimbursed for the time lost not having our car. We were promised 2-3 days after New Years but it’s going on 2 weeks this upcoming Monday.


Why does it take NC 30-45 days to process tags when every other state it takes 1 day?


Well they saidnif the dealer issued temp plates, it’s not my concern but MASS doesn’t do temp plates so we cannot get the car.


I never had temp plates, either had current plates transferred or got new plates. Can you transfer your old plates?


Apparently Volvo owns the plates so we had to return them. Such a hassle!


State-by-state differences. In PA, I can transfer my plates any time, regardless of lease or buy. In OH, they issue new ones apparently on leases. The CA I bought my car off of looked at me cross eyed when I told him I wanted my plate back when I bought in OH to transfer when I got back home. He wanted to destroy it like they do there, and was reluctant to give it back. Ultimately, I won.


I agree, but then I also see many southern (less regulated) states can even get their plates at private tag agencies, not necessarily at official DMV offices, with minimal effort. Therefore, I am truly surprised OP has such a road block to get new plates issued in NC.


They have till Friday to figure it out. We even paid extra $200 for “third party” to do the paperwork so it’s actually a runner going to the DMV physically to do it. Maybe they are walking from MA to NC?


Can someone advise if we can pull out of our deal on the c43? Been almost three weeks and no car and hasn’t been registered as I called DMV in NC. We paid firsts month as part of our DAS. Wife is really mad and just wants to go out of state to get it done. Dealer said another week to get it on the road, if not more


Another deal pull out with only one side of the story, I’d wait for dealership perspective before give any further advice.


They said the “third party” has the paperwork to the car and they are at their mercy to see when it gets done. They are hoping for this weekend but might be another week or two. They claimed they told us it will take 7-10 days after signing (which already passed).

I told them if I knew it was going to take 7-10 days, I would have NEVER signed the deal. We already gave back the rental from insurance so why would we want to wait another week or so for the car. I would have went to New Hampshire to sign for the deal to get the car same day.

I will NEVER do a deal with a Mass dealer again if it is going to be a “out of state” deal. Them not issuing temp tags at all is completely stupid.


Btw, how is the volvo insurance stuff going? Did they need to use gap to cover for cost or was the insurance paying enough to pay off the volvo loan?


Insurance paid off the car and we should be getting a overage check back for $2000-2600


So I called DMV and car was registered but dealer charged us for full year but dmv saying tag is valid till March 31st! I’m waiting for documentation from NC DMV to verify info before I put my foot in my mouth


Sorry to the mods for opening a thread but need Legal advice.

Long story short, I totaled my wife’s car in Boston and were looking for a replacement. We settled on a Mercedes. We thought we got a good deal and signed. Since Mass doesn’t do temp tags, we cannot take the car. Dealer said within a week we should have it ready but now it is almost three weeks. Part of our DAS was the dealer to pay our taxes/registration for the ENTIRE year but they opted for a 60-day registration! I assume they are just pocketing the difference of almost $1,000. We Still haven’t heard from the dealer and it’s annoying.

My question now is, since we DID NOT take delivery of the car as it is sitting on the lot. We just want to get out of this deal, go out of state and pick up the car SAME DAY. My wife has been on my ass about why we don’t have the car and dealer took first months payment and the next one is due to end of this month with no car in hand! I know I have been very annoying past month to this site but I just want to get this car and keep my wife happy. Just need legal advice from the hackers!


This isn’t the place for legal advice.


In many places, until a car has rolled off the lot, you can rescind. However in your case they have to fund the deal and send in the DMV paperwork, so it’s almost like it has.

I think @Bostoncarconcierge is probably best poised to give you the lay of the land, but you may need a lawyer here. I suspect you don’t have any good out.

EDIT: This is not legal advice. Just practical feedback.