Car Totaled in lease?



Hello all

Got a call from Geico and said car is a total loss. It was $32,484 in damages and agreed it will never drive the same and too many electronics in the vehicle.

So my issue now is I doubt we can get another s90 at the price we got ours for but don’t mind spending a bit more for an SUV. Wife like the XC90, Velar, but I told her to buy a car this time around for the same price we may pay for a lease. Thoughts?


Kind of depends on what car you want, no? Figure out what you want, or rank them, then see what leases better vs finances better.


You can’t buy a car and pay the same monthly as you pay on a lease without big down payment.


Yes we would look at used car between 35-40k which would be same lease payment or so


That’s the issue. I wish Xc90 has good stuff


That little fender bender caused $32k in damages – wow – I expect insurances rate to trend upward with all these gizmos in the cars


Man you ruined her resale value. Should have gotten her a starbucks card at least too.


Yeah but I hit him going 35-40mph

Yeah she said electronics pushed it over


Knowing electronics are super expensive, are you sure you want to own a used one?


I would DEF get warranty no matter what!


Why do you want to buy this time?
Did you do multiple security deposits on the volvo?


I haven’t ruled out leasing but I feel like we wouldn’t be getting a nicely loaded car like we did with s90 at our price point.


start searching


@ursus, when is FYE for Volvo?


What do you guys think about this deal? I talked to Geico and they said I can max out my rental of 30 days and get other party’s insurance to over another 30 days for rental purposes. I think this is a good deal though mileage is a bit low but it’s $100+ below our targeted budget

Merry Christmas!!


It’ll cost you a grand + to ship it to the east coast, so add another 60 to the payment for the remaining term…not that far under your budget now. And can you live with only 640/mi a month?

Merry Christmas to you as well


I think it’s a dealer so I can probably work something out with them on pricing.

Wife’s job is a 8mile commute 3 times a week now since we moved much closer to the city


No idea, but I hope in March :slight_smile:
Where is 3.7 when we really need him? :thinking:


Why do you think it is a dealer? Doubt dealers do lease transfers.


Persons email shows a domain as a dealer website.