Car Insurance Deductibles

No think of it this way. The first 4 have to do if you hit someone else. It’s for them.
The next 2 Comp/Coll have to do to fix your car. If you don’t have Comp/Col, who’s going to fix your car when it’s a YOUR FAULT accident?

All 5(Actually 6) numbers have to be met, but #2 and #3 can be merged into #4. That’s all it says.

Ultimately, the only person that’s going to be hurt here is you and your wallet.


#1, #2 & #3 are similar to 4

Lucky I found out. I was about to raise the deductibles to even higher

As an 18 year old that’s a high risk of getting in an accident, even if your lease would allow that, that’s a bad idea.


2500 deductible means I would pay 2500 out of pocket regardless if the damage is 10k

Yes that is correct

Yes, the first $2500 comes out of your pocket.

And most leasing companies know their customers don’t have $2500 in free cash, hence the $1000 requirement.

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:thinking: interesting

$1,000 deductibles are standard as the maximum when leasing a vehicle. Not sure I have seen anyone allow one higher.

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Hell, I’ve seen some that require $500 as the max

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When you RENT a car (which a lease is just a long car rental) they gotta look out to make sure you don’t leave them with a $2500 bill.

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This is a pointless conversation…


Yes, but the insurance companies do periodically report this info, and when they do, expect them to backcharge for the whole time you’ve been under insured. You’re betting against the house and the stakes are high.

This is one of those times where it’d be wise to adult.


Yeah I saw sample contract. It says 1000 deductible.
Time to pay 600 a month for insurance :sunglasses:

This is a good value to investigate before getting a new car.


Insurance would be high regardless because I’m a under 25 male
Travelers insurance may cost only 340 with that deductible :face_with_monocle:

@aronchi you know about Volvo insurance deductible ? Your like the owner of Volvo at this point

Looks good ?