Car Insurance Deductibles

Those lines are drawn incorrectly, the first three bullet points are grouped as a personal insurance policy and the CSL limit is a personal/commercial, but they are equivalent. Also, you do not add them together.

They just signify the type of coverage, but you wouldn’t have both on one policy.

No, you can not


Insurance policy will have thier name. It’s a 100 dollars cheaper per month

Not even if I do 100/300/50?

it’s 100/300/50/1000/1000

You keep dropping the last 2 figures.

No 2500 deductibles no matter what

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Correct, even if you do 100/300/50 which is extremely low limit by the way. Volvo is stating that you need $1,000 deductible maximum per comp/coll in order to satisfy the terms of their contract.

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Call me stupid but I have currently have this.

What’s likely to happen here is if Volvo gets word of you being under insured, they will take out a separate insurance policy on the vehicle and bill you for it.

I had a bank do that to me once when my insurance wasn’t processed correctly on a vehicle

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Do you have Volvo listed as the payee/lienholder? They likely just haven’t caught it, mllcb42 is right - they will back charge you for what you didn’t provide.

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Aren’t these two different things??meaning I only need to satisfy the conditions of the top or bottom

And it will be much more expensive than just properly insuring it in the first place.

Odd even the broker didn’t say anything at the time. He saw the papers as well

No that isn’t correct read our above statements about the groupings

No, they are not. The OR clause is referring to the per incident property damage. You can have the 50k per incident or you can have the 500k overall

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Meme please.


Imma check my contract :sunglasses:. No clue where it is though. Any Volvo brokers here know about this?

I doubt they noticed

How was I given a car without proper insurance. Dealer must be retarded

Always a good place to start, although it will tell you the same thing.