Car Insurance Deductibles

For a leased car is there any specific deductible you must have. I currently have a Volvo and my deductibles are set at 2500. I tried get a new quote from a few insurance companies and they said a leased car can’t have deductibles that high and that they are usually capped at 1000 dollars. How true is that?

$2,500 deductible? that sounds insane… how much less is the 6 or 12 month policy with that?

depends on your contract, but I am surprised they allowed $2500

Well I’m only paying 340 a month. With a deductible close to 1000 it’s almost 550-575 a month.

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Maybe Volvo didn’t notice something or I’m missing something. I don’t want to change insurance companies and then they don’t allow me to have my 2500 deductible

$340/month insurance for a Volvo? How many dui and manslaughter do you have on your record?


Check your lease documents.
For my contracts, BMWFS and GMF lease state that max deductible can be $1000.

Well I’m 18 . Got my license 1 year ago . Were you expecting lower? Also I live in NYC

18 + nyc + car lease equals poor financial decision.

Now, if money doesn’t matter, then by all means go for it. But people aren’t on leasehacker who don’t.


wow Volvo gave a car to an 18yr old without any auto history.
But I think the $2500 was a mistake, if they ever discover it they are going to back charge you for insurance.

The entire policy isn’t under my name. I’m just a added driver. Didn’t clarify that before. Without my name the policy is right under 200 a month.

My bad , I didn’t say the car isn’t under my name. It’s under my parents name

This is on the Volvo website but it makes no sense

Then you can’t get new insurance as it isn’t in your name, it’s in your parents.

Are they allowing 2500 since I have the first 3 checked off. 100k 300k 50k

fixed it, does it make sense now? Edit : moved the lines around.

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Wouldn’t they be going against what they say. The first 3 points are 450k while the first point below the or is 500k. So with 500k they want lower deductibles but with 450k they are fine with higher deductible

But no matter what, the car is in your parents name, and they must be on the new insurance you get. Period. Otherwise it’s a straw man deal (someone getting a car for someone else but saying it’s theirs) and that’s going to get ugly if you are in an accident.

No. Two unrelated thoughts.

It’s 100/300/50 or 500k combined as one statement and then the deductible amounts as the next statement.


So I can do 2500 deductible right ?