Camry XSE 371 per month?

MSRP - 31,194
Residual - ???
MF - ???
Monthly payment - 371 with taxes included.
36 months @ 12k per year

Still working this deal right now but it’s the model with the Cockpit red interior. Waiting for a response back for the RV and MF.

As of right now, does that sound high to you guys? I know you like to stick the the 1% rule. I’ve never dealt with Toyota before and it seems they don’t have conquest incentives, or really much other than military and college grad.

Give me some feedback, Thank you guys!

If you want a Camry get a Camry, but if you want the best bang for your buck, look elswhere, because a higher end $32k Camry isn’t going to lease well compared to other more expensive vehicles on the market.

It’s “high” because you can save quite a bit getting, say, a Q50 3.0t or finding a discounted 3-Series demo, but it’s not necessarily high for a Carmy XSE.

I reached out to my local Infiniti dealer and they said to lease a Q50 it would be north of 450, so I abandoned that idea relatively quick lol.

Infiniti dealers that I have dealt with are very quick to mark up the MF and add fees. That does not mean a good deal cannot be reached. Unfortunately people pay those crazy marked up prices without even batting an eye so they keep doing it. :frowning:

I mean if they want to give me a q50 for 255/m with no money down and mark up their money factor and RV then I’m not against it at all.

I hear those deals are possible in the NE. I am not sure where you are located, but maybe it can be shipped.

I’m in northeast Ohio so I don’t know how close that is lol

OP Are you dealing with SETF ?
This is what a dealer FL had provided to me last week for CAMRY SE.
36/12 MF .00136 Res. 65%
Thing about SETF is that there is no other way to find these numbers so you cant even tell if MF being marked up or not. If you get those from dealer, please share here.

hmmmmm…camry or C300…hmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@305Hackr I must have bad luck cus I never find those deals locally :joy: they always act like I’m a crackhead.

lol … that’s their job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: gotta fight through it

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You should be able to get a much better car for that payment.

Camry is nice, I have the SE. The XSE is even nicer. But for 371 a month, you can really get something super nice for that, and personally I wouldn’t go the camry route with that money in hand. Infiniti, BMW loaner, ppl in Texas got Giulias for a lot less than that. I know you might not be in Texas, but seriously consider your options before you go for Camry. If you really want it though, who are we to tell you otherwise

This guy got a Jag F-Type for $418/mo with $0 DAS. That is only $47/mo more than the Camry you were quoted on. MSRP was almost $64k.

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This guy is getting an Acura TLX A-Spec for $389/mo.

Not quite. $0 down payment is not the same as $0 due at signing. @Alex’s deal was for $418+tax and $1699 due at signing.

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Cool. Still a heck of a deal!

Tru (20 Char…)…

For this price you could almost get a Volvo S90 under certain conditions

Talk to @Cody_Carter at Tustin Toyota, he can do about $60 better/mo on an XSE, not sure if it only applies to certain color combos though. There’s not much incentives on anything Toyota. About $500 is the most I think.