Camaro LT1 in NJ deal check

Yea just need a stick and different color.



Here we go…

He is correct but he’s talking about two rebates I am not trying to combine…

"The GM lease loyalty & conquest rebate for $1500 is not compatible with the GM select market conquest rebate for $1750. You get one or the other.

I felt the same way initially, I thought “why in the world would I want a slush box on one of these cars?”

In the event your mind is not completely made up, you may want to take a quick test drive in the A10. The transmission is absolutely incredible. Personally, I am very very happy I went this direction.

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Agreed, and using the paddle shifts let’s you get the feeling of a stick but tech and smooth auto trans makes you so much faster.

Except these are the rebates being combined:

Exactly what I sent him from Edmunds…

I know the purists may frown, but one can be a combination of Michael Schumacher, Jeff Gordon and (insert name of any other great race car driver here) by letting the computer do all the work. I don’t believe there is a human on earth that could shift as well as this A10. I just don’t think it is physically possible for the hands and feet to move quickly enough…never mind the mechanical operations that have to occur between the clutch pedal, the fly wheel/clutch, the shifting mechanism in the trans, etc.

Schumi loved his illegal automated driving aids, among other tricks and tactics.

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Well, if he had any part in making stuff like this filter down to regular folks like us, I applaud him :slight_smile:

I told myself this when I bought a Dodge Charger and it just didn’t do it for me. It shifts faster than I ever can and is faster but I just love the third pedal.

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He most likely used illegal traction control at the very least while at Bennetton. Everyone in F1 cheats in some way or another though.

That’s a valid viewpoint, many folks say, performance difference or not, they do miss the engagement of the manual transmission.

Perhaps eventually the day will be here when the machines truly no longer need us, but maybe there still a little bit of time left.

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Dealer came back with an arbitrary number of 378 lol. No explanation of how he got this number.

At least he is now admitting I can stack the incentives.

If you like the car, I wouldn’t cry over the $15/mo you could be saving. But can you see yourself being in that for 39 mo? I live in jersey too, I was over my v8 challenger after the first snowfall lol.

Have you made an offer or counter offer? “I have the Healthcare discount, I qualify for $2,250 in conquest and I have the $1,000 in Buypower. $306 a month, $306 at signing. I believe a selling price of $38,450 before rebates will get us there. I have my credit card ready to give you a deposit and/or I am ready to sign today at these terms.”


Its a second car so it’ll be just fine. I have a Tundra for the snow.

What version of charger? Because Hellcat is almost unmanageable in a stick with that kind of power. Wasn’t as fun as the auto to just push the pedal and hold on. Although I’m getting older the last thing I want to do is shift gears when running for milk lol

Waiting for one more reply and then that one is going.

It was a Daytona 392. Very cool car and it was a daily driver. This camaro will not be.

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