Camaro LT1 in NJ deal check

I qualify for Healthcare and GM card points bonus of 1000 as well as conquest of 2250.

Dealer is at 424 with 424 down but has not disclosed numbers yet. I will get them today. Here are my calculations. We are about 90$/month off right now. Hope I’m not missing anything.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Camaro Lt1
MSRP: $41345
Selling Price: 39850
Monthly Payment: $ 334
Drive-Off Amount: $ 334
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
Incentives: 2250 Conquest, 1000 Gm card.
Region: NJ, dealer in DE.
Leasehackr Score: 11 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


You should be like 315/315 max

I agree, even with that high MSRP LT1 example, they are hitting you pretty hard at 424/424.

You think discount should be greater? Healthcare discount looks to be a set price unless I’m wrong? i achieved that price through GM site.

Yea there’s no chance Im going near 424/424.

At least they didn’t start you in the 500s like they did most of us on our first inquiries, LOL.


I have the exact same rebates as you. I think a 5-5.5% discount is more than fair and will get you to 315/315

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Are they actually giving you any discounts or are they showing a selling price that is post-incentive?

A $90 delta sounds suspiciously like the amount of your incentives.

So you can negotiate after the healthcare discount?

I don’t know anything about GM programs. Just telling you where I’m at and what I would do.

I’d offer 315 and 315, tell them what you qualify for, and see what happens.

If they’re in the 4s based on what you haha told them, sounds like this may not be the right dealer.

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Perfect advice. There have been so many of these deals posted over the past month there is very ample evidence for what is a “good” deal. You may find that some dealers simply aren’t willing to go there…you will contact another one for a very similar car and you come to terms in five minutes.

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I would shoot for 330 and 330 just a hunch but I may know the insider numbers for this msrp lol

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It looks like Milton Friedman was right @JD81 .

“No one spends someone else’s money as carefully as he spends his own”


Have to remember we’re in month 2 of this deal and so many people have called every dealer. They don’t want to take any money off besides your incentives bc they think low 300s is too good of a deal. 41k msrp id personally sign at 350-365 if I had no other choice.

In the end something in the mid 300s is still pretty good for this car (esp if it is equipped in the manner desired), it probably depends on how much effort the OP wants to put into the back-and-forth.

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It really depends on the rebates too.

Midwest got neutered w/o the $750 EP for everyone money.

Now it’s just $1500 conquest and that’s it.

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I love how LH devolved from whored out ftypes to caymans to i8s to camaros and then finally Leafs.


It’s an online version of automotive acquisition limbo dance.


Sister site called inappropriate in the metoo age?

We’re slowly working towards the world economic forums slogan “ You will own nothing and be happy” moving down the chain of cars from top to nothing.