Cadillac Lyriq EV Reservation & Ordering Discussion


Dunno, but it is refundable in VA.

That’s a lot of cash tied up for potentially a year or more.

Yeah, that’s why I got away with $100 only.

I may have to move my 2nd order over to Lindsay. I’d just hate to have all my eggs in one basket.

Very pretty car. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for Cadillac.

good news. They’re taking $100 deposits for 2024 models which will cost more.

Thx for the tip, I couldn’t resist so put in a $100 deposit for the 2024 model.

Given the $4k price difference and being in California, I went with the RWD. What do folks think of the RWD versus AWD for the Lyriq. I’m also thinking that RWD may be available sooner.

Also, I’m in SoCal and had no idea what dealer to pick so randomly picked one. Hope I didn’t mess up and get stuck with a corrupt one. Any recommended SoCal Cadillac dealers with good volume and pricing?

Dual motor vs single motor

More traction vs less traction

More power vs less power

Less range vs more range

AWD: Slightly smaller charging capacity, towing capable, missing digital rear view camera, and missing foot operated rear gate

RWD: first deliveries this year, probably the bulk of the earliest deliveries in the 2024 model year too. Reviews came out today on the RWD press cars and they’re all very positive

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Make sure you get in writing the dealer that has your deposit will honor MSRP. But if not these deposits I believe are transferrable.

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In case helpful to anyone, I found this list of the top 50 Cadillac dealers for 2021

7 of 10 top dealers are in TX. In CA, there is: Beverly Hills (#7), West Covina (#24), Tustin (#27), and Torrance (#30).



Hell yea id sign it. Then also flip it a week later.

Good thing I signed an NDA so I don’t have to tell the next buyer either.


I assume the NDA will need some modification…

What dealer did you go with?