Cadillac Lyriq EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

I’m hounded every other day by Caddy dealers over low-trim Lyriqs without SuperCruise. They must have a bunch of their lots and a few are still trying to bless them. I reached out to these dealers maybe 4-6 months when the first wave of Debut Editions arrived (all presold) and heard silence until now.

I am seeing 24’s with AWD, but no S/C, at MSRP already. Also pushing a 24mo lease term – but the payment is still ugly

Oh the payments are very ugly. Caddy is just bumping the RV up $7500 and the MF is equivalent to 9.3% or something. It’s still $900-1000/month for a $65K car.

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This is the best offer I’ve seen so far;

24 Lyric Tech AWD
$65115 MSRP
$1500 charging installation credit
$500 DAS $798/mo

Although… I can’t quite get the LH calculator anywhere close to this.

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$5k coupon makes this much better, especially if this is 24 months.

this is quite too much imho if a $63k car lease is about $800 per month when you may pretty much get a $85k q8 or eqe at similar monthly rates or close enough

Where are you seeing this?

I have been quoted an MF/RV to the tune of
0.0098 and 70 for 36 months 10k

The buy rate is 0.00309 on all trims.

I believe that buy rate is only on 24-month leases, right?

The one I posted is for 36 months.

That is 23.5% apr. That’s insane.

Sheesh, I’d love to see that deal structure. Just for shits and gigs. I’ve never seen a rate that high before :laughing:

You can, everything you need is in the calculator.

I meant to say an actual lease quote from a dealer while trying to keep a straight face :smiley:

I highly doubt any dealer can mark up the MF by 300%. Maybe they quoted a different bank, but still - 0.0098? Or maybe they quoted the corresponding marked up APR %.

Keep that credit and do all things necessary to get these rigs into 1% territory. It’d be compelling for $650 ish a month.