Cadillac Lyriq EV... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Now I hope that my Lyriq order won’t arrive until after Jan 1 :slight_smile:

Picked up my Lyriq Sport 1 AWD Saturday. Argent Silver with Sky Cool Gray interior. Honestly, very happy with the car. Drives smooth, typically quick EV, quiet inside, and nice interior. The deal was right, can’t argue at $645 month (calc below).

Annoyed there is no front trunk, GM needs to consolidate their setup better. Overall, this is a sweet car.

There are a few on each lot now, but most dealers still won’t play ball. They will soon, it’s starting…

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Nice! Anything else that you don’t really like about the car at this point? Did it come with some free charging at EA like other brands?

85% residual. Haven’t seen a residual anywhere near that posted on edmunds. Last time I checked it was 76% for 24/10.

There’s the $7500 credit that’s passed to the consumer as a residual bump rather than a taxed incentive.

This is through US Bank and I suspect they also throw some cash in, so that’s how he got 6%+ discount.

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Going to assume these aren’t flippable?

They could be on finance after Jan 1 when $7,500 will be passed on at the point of sale, plus $5,000 credit. But then you pay full sales tax (which I do anyway in VA).

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GM has a $1,500 credit through QMerit for home charger installation. You just suppy the charger, but for me it fully covered the installation.

You can opt for free charging but I don’t recall the specifics.

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Doing it that way means that it will NEVER make sense to buyout the lease, since you’d have to pay the hugely inflated residual. So that definitely makes these not-flippable.

nice work. let us know how you like it after driving it for a while.

Black Friday at Cadillac. Can’t move them at sticker, I guess.


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