Cadillac Lyriq EV Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Was there any rebate?

Looks like it

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hang on what’s the $5k rebate for?

i.e. for those who placed orders on '23 and now got converted to '24

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Has anyone ordered their Lyriq thru Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, VA?

My 2023 order placed with Cadillac in May ‘22 was converted to MY24. I reached out to Lindsay to inquire about the $5K rebate and they don’t know anything about it.

I checked with Cadillac Lyriq Concierge and they say that they provided dealers with manifests of people who qualify for the rebate. I’m wondering if Lindsay doesn’t really know about the rebates or if they are playing games.

I can give you my contact at Moore, if you can transfer your order. But ask them first to make sure they will pass $5k on to you and about the selling price.

Thank you. Heard back from Lindsay today and confirmed that I’m on the list for the rebate. I also have an email that says they will charge MSRP, no market adjustments. I need to verify in writing they will not charge add-ons beyond their standard dealer prep fee.

Again, thank you for the offer with the contact at Moore. I will take you up on that if I need it.

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You really think GM is going to start producing, in volume any of it’s promised EVs Hummer, Lyric, Silverado and Blazer ??? I wouldn’t count on ever getting delivery of these platforms.

Shipping of the Lyriq has lagged production because GM placed a quality hold to resolve teething issues in the new electric luxury crossover. GM only delivered 122 units of the Cadillac Lyriq in all of calendar 2022 as it worked on a vehicle software management update, a fix for a cracking liftgate panel, and a recall for display issues.

So they build and park them. Congrats GM.

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I’m in no rush. Let them work this out.

That table is BS. GMA has known to be very wrong.

GM/Cadillac never built 2000 Lyriqs in Oct 2022 or any other month. The total number of Lyriqs built might be only 3000 and that includes 2022 ones.

The worst part is not the speed… it’s the sheer number held in QC hold in Michigan (but built in TN). No idea what’s that about.

Anyone have data points on how the Cadillac Lyric pricing is looking these days? My FIL is being told at least MSRP and probably a mark up — but I’d love to make sure he doesn’t get hosed. TIA

Like others, I had a MY23 order but got bumped to MY24 - and god knows when it will arrive.

What are people thinking in terms of options, both for functionality and long-term value. I’m thinking Luxury 2 + AWD. Luxury 2 seems important to get Super Cruise. Not sure if Super Cruise is then a separate option, but it doesn’t appear. I’m also putting the 192. kW onboard charging module for +$1,480.

The best option for long term value would be to not buy one to begin with😂

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Anyone (@LongJeep, @Ursus, @ilpapa, @Gearhead) know or can confirm the requirements to get the $5k rebate? My dealer is playing dumb, says that my name is on the Lyriq manifest but nothing noted for the $5k rebate. Also claims to not know the requirements and that “Cadillac has control of list.” Asks if I have anything (in writing) from Cadillac.

I placed a pre-order in June 2022. Looking back at my confirmation email from Cadillac, the pre-order agreement says MY24. But my subsequent agreement and submitted order with the dealer says MY23. So it seems that I should qualify?

I have not received anything other than confirmation from Cadillac Concierge chat that they have my order and that Cadillac had sent the dealers the manifests of customers who qualified for the $5000 rebate. My dealer initially claimed they didn’t know about the manifest until I sent them a copy of my chat with Cadillac. My dealer then confirmed that I’m on the manifest and tag I qualified for the rebate. Since my order has not been delivered, I have not had any discussions on final price or how the rebate will be applied.

sorry i can’t help with this one. i’m so out of the loop on this i haven’t even been contacted by my dealer at all.

Here come the flips lol (there are 3 more like this one)


Would that even qualify for the fed tax credit since it’s “used”?

No, it has to be at least 2 years old.

FL dealers are asking $15K over for a Debut Edition.

Toyota dealers are also bringing out the lube with the Grand Highlander (and Sequoia of course). Friend only found one dealer here with no crazy markup and only a $699 Permaplate add-on.