CA Volvo search -- questions, feedback & early learnings (Jan 2024)

I’m new to leasing, so I’m very thankful to all the folks who have posted and are responding to messages so far! I wanted to summarize what I’ve seen after a few days of research.

I’m searching for a plug-in XC90 plus package (flexible if there is a great deal) and live in the Bay Area.

  • $7500 EV credit: there is mixed information online about this offer right now. Some people have reported it is not available, some brokers have said it is available, and some brokers say it is not. Obviously it’s a huge break, so its my first question. UPDATE: A couple of dealers report the 7500 is included, but the lease cash is low right now (just $500). They don’t know if/when that will go away. LeaseHackr added a useful post with Volvo plug in hybrids listed here: Here’s Every EV that Gets A $7,500 Lease Credit (Updated January 2024) — LEASEHACKR

  • NorCal Volvo dealers are not well regarded for their deal making. I’ve been working with a broker in the bay area who told me they have been getting all their Volvos from Socal, but they make it easy to deal with the paperwork. Socal brokers are not as helpful but they say their deals have been better, but would require I show up down there to sign paper work (roadtrip?!). Messages with folks here have said the same thing – I’d love to find a good NorCal dealer, but doesn’t seem like that is the case. UPDATE: Would recommend Chris Harrison at Rusnak in Palisades for direct info. Also Arlene in Culiver City and Claudia Campos at Galpin have been helpful.

  • December there were great deals. These forums and some calls with brokers confirm there was a lot of December activity and so far (as of Jan 7) the current deals don’t seem great. One broker claims a $15k discount with the $7500 credit included – but I’m not sure they are real yet. The other deal I saw was $8000 and no mention of the EV credit. I need to follow up on that one. Might be good to wait. UPDATE: One dealer reported that loyalty is at $1500 right now (up from $500 in dec).

  • Brokers vs direct: I started working with a broker in Norcal. Nice folks but the first cars they brought me were just OK deals. The SoCal brokers I’ve talked with are trying to vet me (credit reports, am I serious, etc.) but not sure if I’ll work with them. I’ve done some direct out reach (text with two recommended dealers from here) to get the ball rolling. No results to speak of. My one SoCal dealership inquiry through their website has been pretty annoying – I hate the question “what do you want to spend” – I want to spend $1/m if it’s that easy. I’m looking for sales people that can give me direct answers. If you know any Volvo sales people that are mostly email/text based and want to give full pricing transparency I’d love to get their name/contact. Always helpful to have your name as well since they know the deal details are not a state secret. UPDATE: Brokers are flaky so far, finding the “internet” sale people has been helpful, just takes time.

  • Availability: I’ve been told my configuration is on a boat through one broker. Delivery in Socal by the end of Jan. Unclear if there is better inventory already on the ground. I’m fine waiting for the right car. The XC90 recharge doesn’t have too many options (3 trims, a few other “extras”) and we want a pretty common color combination. UPDATE: December brought inventory down and the minimal 2023s are no longer available for leases (buy only). Future shipments were reported to be not be great for Feb.

  • The signed deals and other info here has been very helpful – THANK YOU and keep them coming. I want to get 14%+ off MSRP and payments under $800. Good to learn more about how the money factor works and how to use MSD vs downpayments (sounds like MSD is much more useful). Current MF is over .004, so hopefully that backs off in the next couple of months (or screaming deals make it work). UPDATE: The MF is down from dec (from .00415 to .00403) to help with some of the missing discounts.

Thank you for everyone who has posted their deals and insights. I hope this write up can help folks in my position as they start out. I’ll post additional info as we progress and happy to answer questions if folks have questions or guidance at this point.


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Why not use the available resources on LH to come up with your deal and then contact dealers until you get what you want?

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You missed the Dec train and there is nothing you can do now even with the same discount and $7,500. Programs changed and bonus lease cash now includes $7,500 EV.

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I’ve started, just using this thread to get feedback and try to help the next group of folks.

Any tips on how to find good Volvo dealers? I want to find people ready to talk real numbers. Most first conversations are with a SDR trying to get me excited about MSRP. It’s slow and time consuming

What’s the same discount?

It’s not as hard as you’re making it. Study the current month incentives, RV, MF and calculate your target offer with a lease calc. Contact a wide net of dealers with your exact numbers and how you got there. Talk only to the SM (GM if it’s a small dealer which many are for Volvo). See who will bite. It’s not that complicated. You just have to know all the details that make up your target like the back of your hand.

Conversely there are so many Volvo brokers on here that bring good deals. Seems like Jan numbers suck, especially vs Dec, but the brokers will present the best they can do/ what they can influence with the dealers in their network. I’d just go that route vs the implied stress you’re experiencing. $500 well spent.

As an aside, the xc90 isn’t the ‘deal’ it was last month so maybe ease into considering other makes/ models.

If time is of the essence then pay a broker. They list their deals in LH. Beyond that you need to come up with offers and continue plugging until a salesperson bites. A car dealer today could sign a deal with me then say no to the same deal tomorrow.

I didn’t mean to suggest it’s stressful I was taking stock of what’s working and what’s going on to help the next guy and get feedback from folks here (brokers too!).

My biggest ask is to find dealerships in SoCal that have been straight forward to work with. Any recommendations??

Re: other cars, I think the XC90 recharge is a great match and I’m fine waiting a couple of months if needed.

Thanks for the help!

I’ve had great luck with Chris Harrison at Rusnak in Pasadena in the past. Been a few years though since I worked with him, but he was also super easy to work with.

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Yeah, I’m leaving that way (and have a NorCal broker already). I’ve seen some brokers claim great deals, but they seem like old deals (from December). My NorCal broker gave me an ok price (after reading recent deals here) so it seems like there only so much to expect. Any tips to get them to shop around more?

Wait until May - June, when Costco could be back and Volvo may increase lease cash. January is the worst months to lease.

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Aronchi is exactly the kind of broker I’m trying find. The link to the spreadsheet has lots of pricing details. My favorite is for a model I’m not looking at but just says “don’t bother this month” and another says “get the plus instead”.

Seems like a good resource for east coast Volvo lease options (and a good reference for CA)

Thank you!

With aronchi - you are not a customer. Check @Benedetto deals. They won’t be better than in December, but he ships to CA. Also, keep in mind that Volvo incentives are regional, so mid-West may have better incentives than CA or vice versa, for example. But then you need to also consider the shipping.

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Nah we don’t ship to Cali unless you’re a repeat or a referral… reg process is a major PITA for out-of-state cars entering Cali.


Not a customer - 2


Here’s why people interested in Volvo may not be pursuing a broker on LH lol.

There’s no theVolvoguy out here.

I talked with Chris this morning. He was very helpful, thanks for the recommendation!

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Texted aronchi and they said “No thanks” to working with a CA buy. Pretty funny tbh

You need to read the first post re: areas served. It is clearly stated there. Very few brokers outside CA will work with CA, unless they have dealers there.

I have no clue where theyre at pricewise these days, but he’s great to work with.