Buypower is baaaaack

A day late and a (thousand) dollars short… But it’s back again.


This is how I got my deal last January, too bad the Rona had screwed up model releases, if things were normal there would be ample 2021’s available


If Chevy adjusts incentives/RV to make up for the loss of Costco this could lead to an insane deal on a bolt.

RV will probably stay the same or drop. And incentive bump might be possible to clear the remaining 2020s but I guess we’ll see.

Is there any reason not to get the card? There’s no annual fee from what I can tell and I don’t need to actually make any purchases right?

Aside from the usual caveats about credit score impact of a new inquiry and open line of credit, not really. I don’t believe you would get the $1,000 for opening one now but you would be eligible for future bonus offers.

Woot! I love free Bolts and (Free?) Camaros

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This card is so strange, I got it years ago when my credit was so so, the limit was set at $300 and they have never raised it. This was like ten years+ ago, if not longer. But I’ll keep it for when this deal pops up.


If you like what GM has to offer or just want to be ready for the occasional oddball crazy cheap lease deal it is definitely a must have.


I have it since 2006 but never used the earnings…when I leased my Equinox in 2018 I didn’t think about it. They offer 5% back on the first $5K and then 2% on everything. I may start paying my rent to rack up the cash back and pay it off right away. Haven’t used the card in years now…like @joeblogs said they never raised the limit since 2006 unless you ask I guess… too bad top off can’t be used for a C8 but maybe if my Camaro LT1 crave kicks in by March :crazy_face: :upside_down_face: :star_struck:

Doesn’t Buypower bonus always show up after the best deals expire?


I got my bonus last year just in time for the Bolt/NJ rebate confluence to occur. I previously used it around this time of year on an Acadia that stacked well with the conquest and Auto Show cash available, in addition to the regular lease cash. It really depends on what you are looking at.

@ElectricEliminator Did you happen to confirm if the Camaro LT1 programs remained the same for Jan 21?


Trying to find out now… Edmunds mods must be busy. Incentives haven’t fully populated on Edmunds or Autobytel yet either.

haha I knew you were on the case!

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Yes, that seems to be correct-I checked mine couple of days ago and had nothing available as bonus…today it has it

Curious about the Bolt too. Looks like 2020 purchase cash went back to $8500 and 2021 got $5000. No info on leasing yet.

Isn’t 2021 lease deal posted as $312/mo with $312 DAS on Chevy’s website? Buypower is $3,000 for the Bolt

I hadn’t checked any of that, I saw that the Buypower bonus is bigger though. Anyone looking for a Bolt should keep that part quiet.

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Are you regularly requesting credit limit increases?

Capital One is softing your credit every 1-6 months so they know what your credit looks like now.

With decent credit (at least on their non-cobranded cards) they’ll generally approve an increase every six months, even with little/no usage.