Buick Regal Tour X


That’s a big ask on a 35k Regal. They would take a bath on it when it returned. I paid 295 for the last gen sedan, and they took a 6k hit on it when I gave them back the keys.


I just read an article in the November issue of Car and Driver, sounds it’s not happening. This was straight from BMW


As much as I like wagons, the rest of the market does not. Look at the USDM demise of the following:

C class wagon
5 series wagon
All Audi wagons (true ones, not an Allroad)
Passat wagon
Jetta wagon (yes, Golf wagon exists but with the US Jetta being larger it’s a different niche)

Even the ones that are left are imported in tiny quantities (Eg E class). There would be others in an alternative universe (CLA, 1/2 series, etc).


The Jetta wagon is still around. The Jetta Wagon has always been a Golf Wagon. It’s just VW decided to give it the Jetta name in the U.S.

And look at what we’ve gained - XF, Panamera, V60 returned, V90 returned. And the C wagon returned to Canada, so who knows, could come back to the States, too.

Tiny but profitable niche.


I’m not sure how profitable they are if they keep killing them off.


Here is the article.


No, the Jetta wagon used to be a Golf wagon. Now the Jetta is a different car on a different iteration of its modular architecture. It’s the same size as a Tiguan. In terms of length, wheelbase and rear legroom, the Jetta is appreciably larger than a Golf.

If wagons were truly popular, you would see Jetta and Passat wagons in addition to the Golf wagon. We wouldn’t be talking about microscopic volumes of wagons like the Jaguar XF and Panamera


Well the Jetta and the golf are both on the mbq now. As far as dimensions, the wagon version of the golf/jetta, whatever you want to call it were larger than the golf. I think you’re confusing the two. At one point the jetta/golf wagon had the golf front end on euro versions and the jetta front on us versions. Basically when the golf went mbq, they just changed the name to golf sportwagen, even though the wagon has always been jetta size, roughly speaking.(183" ish, + or -)

The more wagons are dropped, the more sales for those models that remain.


With MQB being such versatile architecture, being “on it” means nothing. The Atlas is “on it” too. Would you call the Golf the platform-mate of the Atlas in the traditional sense of that term?

MQB is not a single platform…or even a platform in the traditional sense. It’s just a set of building blocks, of which only a few components are used throughout the lineup.


That and all the electronics and basic architecture and all the systems. If all the basic parts are the same, lower costs.


The broader point remains, that if wagons were popular here there would be more than one in VW’s lineup. Whether they are Jetta and/or Passat-based wagons and what they’re called doesn’t really matter.


But instead Americans like these jacked up wagons that are shorter with less cargo room.


BMW only sold 2600 wagons this year in the US. So those that have them are special :blush:


For those that want a BMW wagon the 3 series F31 wagon will still be offered as a 2019 model along with the G20 sedan version. That is because the G20 wagon version (G21?) won’t go into production until the 2020 model year. At that point, roughly June 2019, the F31 is dead worldwide and if BMW North America sticks to what it is saying no more wagons in the US.

If they only moved 2,600 wagons YTD in the US as @socal59 says then you can see why we won’t get the updated version.

And remember, you can still get a diesel 330 wagon. Probably in brown too. :wink:


Anyone buy A Tourx lately? As of 11/2018, dealers are telling me that the residual on a lease is 45%. This is a unique car in the US but it doesn’t make sense to lease or buy it. The car is made in Europe by Peugeot and has a Japanese trans. Without a warranty this car is very risky for repairs. So buying it isn’t worth it for the long term. If Buick could have built it in the US with standard parts it would be a winner. Is anyone awake at Buick?


Regals are terrible leases, but there’s a lot of wrong in what you’re saying.

It’s a rebadged Opel Insignia. GM owned Opel at the time so the tooling is all GM. Peugeot is licensed to use the tooling until 2023 I believe.

Not really. Many of the parts are also used on a Malibu, Impala + Lacrosse, so repairs shouldn’t be an issue at all. It’s built on GMs E2xx platform. The 2.0T is a widely used GM engine.


45% residual in November? Then the base numbers continue to get worse.


For November, '18:

19 Sportback (All trims except GS AWD):
24 27 36 39 42 48
52 51 46 43 40 35

24 27 36 39 42 48
52 51 47 44 41 35

19 TourX
24 27 36 39 42 48
55 53 46 43 41 36

18 Sportback (All trims except GS AWD):
24 27 36 39 42 48
49 47 41 38 36 31

24 27 36 39 42 48
50 48 42 39 37 32

18 TourX
24 27 36 39 42 48
53 51 45 42 40 35

Based on 15k/yr.
For 10k, add 2pts for 24-27, 3pts for 36-42 + 4pts for 48
For 12k, add 1pt for 24-27, 2pts for 36-42 + 3 pts for 48

19 Sportback .00148 (24-27), .00248 (36-39) .00266 (42-48)
19 TourX .00112 (24-27), .00151 (36-39), .00209 (42-48)
-0- GMF Lease cash on either

18 Sportback .00122 (24-27), .00179 (36-39), .00231 (42-48)
18 TourX .00102 (24-27), .00150 (36-39), .00197 (42-48)
1,000 GMF CCR on any term for both models


I guess on the plus side because the Regal isn’t made in the US it didn’t get canceled. :thinking:


Now that they sold off Opel, who designed this and the last model, I’m not so sure you’ll see another iteration moving forward. As of now, PSA is licensed to build until 2023.