Buick Regal Tour X


Interesting to see how this is playing out.

In March they had aggressive residuals and MF on the wagon. If you went for 24 months at 10K miles you had:

61% residual and .00085 MF

Now it is:

55% residual with .00062 MF

So we lost 6 points on the residual but the MF dropped a bit (2.04% APR to 1.49%). The MF drop doesn’t come close to offsetting the residual drop. If you plug this in the calculator on a $30K vehicle with no discount off MSRP to keep things simple the monthly is up $74 or $1,776 over the two years.

Back in March there were just a handful of wagons on lots here in So. Cal. Now a search shows 75. Contrast that with the Encore where there are over 800 ready to buy. Sportback version of the Regal isn’t much better with only 95. Should note that lots of the wagons on Cargurus show they have been on lot over 90 days. They aren’t moving.

Starting to think with the low stock levels there won’t be any killer lease deals on these. The numbers are low enough that Buick will likely just move them with purchase incentives so they don’t have to take them back in 2-3 years.


The Sportback numbers are some of the worst I’ve ever seen on a Brand new model. Being under 50% residual at 36 mos or under/at/just above 40% for 39 mos with no money on the hood is absolutely atrocious. TourX isn’t much better.

Then again, GMF is probably being smart…they either missed the mark or inflated the residuals at times on the previous gen, and actual residual values weren’t as kind. They took a bath close to 8k on my turn in last year


For kicks and giggles I took the most expensive local TourX at $41,690 and figured a 24 month lease at current terms assuming I got a 20% discount off MSRP plus the $500 loyal mentioned above. I get $476 before tax with a $1,051 drive off. That is stupid high for a Buick. I’d go get a BMW or Volvo wagon at that money.

The $30K stripper model at the same 20% off comes to $344 a month with $907 drive off.

Just about half the 75 TourX in So. Cal have been on the lot more than 50 days.

Yeah, if you want one of these either wait for dealers to get desperate or pick one up used in 3 years when they come off lease and they are going for 40% of original MSRP.


And you’re not getting close to 20% off on a Buick either. Closer to 10% and then you’re entering 5 series territory. 5 Series money for a Buick Regal…that’s staggering.


I think they looked at the early reviews and thought “fantastic, these will be a big hit we don’t have to spend any more money moving them.”

Or because GM dumped Opel these are now the unwanted step-kids and GM would rather concentrate on the crossovers.


Valid point…I think when these go end-of-life, the Regal nameplate is going to take a siesta again. There’s rumors the Lacrosse is done, and the Cascada doesn’t sell enough here to warrant Canada making them. I can’t see them with no cars though…what’s their brand identity then…The luxury GMC, which is already the luxury/sportier Chevy.


Yeah, I was being generous and figuring someone here could hack their way to 20% off. And even then it is a crappy deal. And BMW leases are crap lately so being up to 5 Series money is really scary.

I was willing to give Buick a shot but frankly given the limitations of the Regals they would have to rope me in with a fantastic price. Otherwise I’ll just get another BMW or Honda when the time comes.


Now if they brought back the Grand National badge…


I had a previous gen…it was a pretty fun car to drive. The 2.0T packed a punch. There was some typical GM cheap materials here and there, but overall, for about 250/month, I was happy with it. I’d never pay double that though.


There were rumors that was going to happen…nothing ever came of it though.


Even if they did I could see them screwing it up and making it just some kind of silly appearance package. The problem is that they will never be allowed to get the Vette engine, or even the new Caddy Hot V, and even with existing power options I’m sure that GM won’t allow them to tune or turbocharge something else that will be competitive with the Vette or Camaro.


With the recent talk about how Kia was discounting Stingers (Cheap Kia Stingers are on the way) I thought I’d revisit the Buick Regal situation. Local volume dealer (Mark Christopher in Ontario) has a weekend ad for a Regal Sportback, a one only type of deal, listed MRSP $30,710 for purchase at $21,995. That is 28% off.

But what of the wagon?

Back in July here in Southern California there were 75 TourX wagons listed on CarGurus. Now there are 116. Of those 78 have been on the lot 60+ days. And 37 of those, an amazing 32%, have been there 120+ days.

So guess what, discounting has begun. Listed offers at $7,000-$8,000 off MRSP with zero negotiation. However looks like that is mostly driven by a purchase incentive by GM which this month is 16% off MSRP if you buy the car. The offers are trending at 20% off MSRP with about 4% coming on the dealer side.

It would appear Buick is doing what I suspected. They are looking to move these through purchases so they don’t have to take the cars back in 2-3 years.

I haven’t found October numbers yet but the lease numbers into September continued to get worse on the TourX.

March = 61% residual, .00085 MF

July = 55% residual, .00062 MF

September = 48% residual, .00122 MF

So yeah, looking like the wagon is not a lease you’d want to get into. On a purchase you might find someone willing to dump a wagon off at over 20% off. If you like the car and intend to drive it for a long while that might be a good deal.

Guess the market has spoken and doesn’t want a wagon. Or Sportback either…


2018 Subaru Outbacks are going for ~20% off MSRP with 0% financing.


According to Car and Driver magazine, the new 3 series wagon won’t make it to the states :triumph:


Link, tried Googling it with no luck? Would be unfortunate but makes sense. They sell so different many models and the 3 series wagons I have looked all sit a long time.
I Was thinking about getting/sent a few emails about a loaner 3 series wagon but tax situation in Virginia makes the incredible BMW loaner deals impossible here. It math showed an estimated effective tax rate of almost 35%. Too bad too, I really liked the car.


Not surprised. Wagons just can’t catch on no matter how many have tried in Merica


Eh. I bet it does. Wagon buyers are desirable to luxury manufacturers. They are loyal and high wealth. All the European luxury brands sell wagons in the States. BMW won’t be the lone exception. Wagons are an important niche for luxury makers despite the low volume, and now there are rumors circulating the A6 Avant is coming back next year.


I don’t know. The reports have been pretty consistent for over a year that we won’t get the G20 wagon version in the US. BMW North America has done a lot of things lately that go against the grain.


But the rumors always circulate. For every generation. For every make. “This is the last 3 wagon,” “This is the last E wagon,” and so on. And the next one always comes along.


Guess the market has spoken and doesn’t want a wagon. Or Sportback either…

Not surprised. Wagons just can’t catch on no matter how many have tried in Merica

gaaah these comments make me so sad. I am absolutely convinced that buyers would be more than willing to consider a wagon if the numbers make sense. Manufacturers simply offer no incentives on any wagon on sale in the US. If you could get a Tour X for $199-250 a month or a E Wagon for $350-400 they’d be flying out the door, but they make more profit on SUV’s so that’s what gets the support.

Sedans will be next.