Buick Regal Tour X

Anyone lease one of these yet? How do they drive? Looks like a less expensive alternative to the V90 XC wagon.

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Car and driver just did a review of the TourX. I checked it out at the dealer and it gives you quite a bit of content. Prices similar to an Outback. Just wasn’t large enough for what we need at this time.

I took one for a spin the other day. I love wagons also, strong strong bias towards them. I was kind of ambivalent towards it (drove one with a sticker of 42k), wasn’t anything amazing and the really only truly horrible part were the back seats, so if those come into play for you, I’d highly recommend sitting in them for 30 plus minutes. It made the back seats in a Honda Crosstour feel like Benz seats. Sticker is 36-37k for leather minimum also.

The lease programs aren’t very attractive at the moment. There are some auto pundits that say the Regal took a step backwards this recent redesign (sedan anyways, since the wagon wasn’t available in the US in the previous model).

Back seat is usually 98% empty in my vehicles. So not an issue for me. It would be nice if it was leasable for around $300. But we’ll see.

I was considering one of these but I have yet to see one at any dealers close to me. The buzz is that the wagon is in higher demand compared to the sport-back version. If true that will mean deals will be harder to come by for a bit. However I would expect there to be serious deals on these by the end of the year.

The early reviews were a bit fawning because auto journalists love wagons. Now that folks have had more seat time in them the reviews are more mixed. No one mentions any back seat issues but then the reviewers probably don’t spend much time in the back!

If you don’t mind cloth seats and less tech the base models are probably going to be a screaming deal if Buick dealers can’t move them. Starting at $29K MSRP if things go right they could be low to mid $20K range by Christmas. If the residuals are decent could be some good lease deals. Even more so perhaps on the sport-back versions.

This month…

TourX, Essence or Preferred

59% 24m
57% 27m
51% 36m
48% 39m

All are 15k/yr.
Add 1pt for 24-27 mo, 2pt for 36-39 mo for 12k.
Add 2pts for 24-27mo, 3pts for 36-39m for 10k

Sedan is a few points lower than that, with variation in trim.

For 24+27m, MF is .00085. 36+39m, MF is .00079. No lease cash

In Texas only,
1,100 CCR with same MF

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Thanks for posting the lease numbers. 24 month lease might be nice if they throw in GM cash, bonuses etc to the deal. But like was mentioned, probably not for 6 more months.

yeah, i wouldn’t expect too much in the short term for discount.

There’s not much cash on the hood from GM at the moment in the North East region. 2500 Conquest OR loyalty and 750 CCR.

Those are pretty good residuals though. If we get those same residuals with some of the discounting other Buicks seem to have then perhaps some killer deals on these down the road. Just let the stock build up a bit…

Anyone taken another look at the TourX lately? Checking Edmunds, it looks like there’s $2500-$3000 loyalty cash for lease available right now and $2500 conquest cash. So both GM and non-GM people have options at the moment.

My wife’s current lease isn’t up until February, but she did ask about wagon options. And this might be among the better options out there in terms of both space and potential lease deals.


The lease deals on the Regal/Regal TourX haven’t been great at all. It seems Buick/GMF is pushing purchase on these. Lousy residuals, not much cash on the hood and limited dealer discounts = mediocre lease.

Here’s the current month’s numbers as an example of the lousy residuals…

As far as money factor goes, that’s not too terrible.

For the sportback, the rate is .00084 for 24/27 months, .00137 for 36/39 and .00186 for 42/48
For the TourX, the rate is .00062 for 24/27 months, .00112 for 36/39 and .00157 for 42/48

Neither trim has any GMF CCR

As far as the rebate numbers you provided, those are purchase only. On a lease, loyalty will net you 500. There is no conquest cash. There may be some incremental CCR based on region. In the north east, that is 500, so, at most, there’s $1,000 on the hood.

You’re not going to score a lease deal on one of these.


I get the feeling that it’s ultimately just some kind of compliance vehicle to make Opel happy. Then again Buick doesn’t seem to be trying that hard to sell much right now. Their entire lineup aside from the Enclave and LaCrosse (?) is almost all imports at the moment, no? I’m not entirely sure why GM is even keeping the brand alive here anymore, unless the Chinese demand is really that big right now and it’s keeping things afloat.

Yea that would be my guess. Similar to how the SS was sold here only really as a contractual component for Chevy’s dealings in Australia.

I mean really, why else is the Cascada here lol

GM never learns, they somehow think they can compete or know how to market to the premium European crowd, they don’t. They had the perfect brand for that and they killed it. Now that they have finally spun off Opel maybe they can stop pretending to compete in this segment.

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Opel isn’t GM anymore though.

Isn’t it built at their plant in Germany? There must have been some kind of agreement that was being honored, no?

Yeah, I think opel gets access to the platform(s) for so long, then they’re on their own.