Broker Ratings a Good Idea?

I think the LH platform could leverage reviews just a bit more, perhaps by establishing a ratings system. This would ENCOURAGE folks that feel discouraged leaving a bad review, simply because it breaks down the elements into specific segments, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, useful for both parties, in assessing how a deal went, without over-emphasizing how a particular segment went that was imperfect. It is also encouraging for members since it streamlines feedback, without the need to write a novel (unless a novel is required, of course). I would propose a simple rating system with brief segments that best describe the deal and it’s results. I think an overall ‘score’ is less important than the score of individual segments, since the segment score yields the most informative feedback. Something like:

Broker Ratings

O Initial Communication: Vehicle details/pricing clearly presented, timelines and process explained, fees/deposits and refundability process explained

O Initial Transaction: Forms explained and sent promptly, timely fees and deposits handled appropriately.

O Interactions: Dealer contacts, order timeline and fulfillment progress as described. Broker endeavors to resolve issues that arise, and works out viable alternatives. Dealer/Broker on the same page.

O Delivery: Vehicle meets client specifications, delivered at prior agreed pricing, Broker/dealer assist with physical delivery details and new vehicle orientation as needed. Leave transaction with all questions resolved and a positive experience.

Maybe 1-5 score, with a comment section beneath. I can see members benefiting from such a feedback process, as well as brokers. Any traction for something like this?

After pondering further, and spit-balling further, this framework could extend to dealers as well…the feedback loop would be invaluable to members, as I don’t believe any comprehensive feedback loop exists in the market for dealers…but one thing at a time.


I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t know that the site infrastructure has the ability to support that in an automated way.

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We are just Product people. Let the engineers figure out the feasibility and effort. Lol. I think it is a great idea.

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I feel like the review system works great. Any repeat issues and the mob crushes you, so I’d say the community street justice is adequate.

Sometimes I have literally 3 texts and that’s it to complete a deal. Nothing else is needed. Is that poor communication or 5 star? I’d say neither.

Maybe being able to sort bad reviews separate from positive would help. Not sure if the site has that type of infrastructure to do so.


IMO as a non broker I think it makes sense to have a thumbs up / thumbs down option at the end of the process (sort of like an approval rating). Breaking it down more than that just seems like way too much. If you want the details of why someone has 100% or 50% thumbs up then go read the review thread. I would think that most reasonable people would not give a thumbs down for minor things, and it also helps with a quick overview that doesn’t involve reading through an entire thread of reviews.


I think having review threads directly linked in each marketplace thread would be a start, or even enough on its own. Just require brokers to put the link at the bottom of the first post in every marketplace thread. Simple enough, until a more technical solution is implemented (or not).

I don’t like thumbs up/down systems as they don’t allow for any concrete or detailed explanations for the ratings. What you value in a service is subjective to some degree. People also give positive or negative reviews for very questionable reasons sometimes. I can see people conflating issues with a dealership vs broker, etc.

I think if you’re going to give a rating on what is often a once-every-three-years transaction, you should give an explanation for your rating. Consider the recent/current situation. Simple numerical ratings don’t give any indication of time or trends. You can’t see a string of recent negative ratings in the sea of past ratings. The thresholds that people consider to be good or bad are also subjective.

They also tend to skew right (up) unless something is seriously wrong, by which point the damage has already been done. For example, ratings on food delivery services vs Google maps (and Yelp, although there are issues with this platform). The ratings seem to be cumulative, not unique, and so naturally skew favorably due to repeat customers. Obviously, buying a car is less of a daily occurrence, but the same concern applies to a lesser extent. Especially depending on how the system is implemented. If clients are allowed to give ratings based on their experiences before the system is implemented, then this becomes a real concern.

I think any type of numerical rating such as stars, thumbs, or percentage positive/negative should only be implemented if accompanied by written reviews. Otherwise, the numerical data becomes next to worthless as the numbers arguably become subjective.


Initially, I felt like a review thread should suffice, but after some time (and many mee too posts) I have reservations on their value. They lack granularity, simplicity (both to research and create), specificity, and fail to establish expectations for either party. A rating system moves towards the goal of easily finding and assessing good matches and hopefully great deals. Win-win, so long as the data remains honest and not gamed. Ensuring that is certainly a hurdle.

The corrupt dealer and broker were outed. The system worked as it should.

Now it’s up to management to decide if they are ok with that shadiness or not. It’s their sandbox, and the verdict will be illuminating for all. I don’t think star ratings change the current calculus in any appreciable way.

It’s binary. Either a broker is good or they suck. There are no levels to good or sucking. It’s abundantly clear to all which are which, even before the drama.


Yes the current system worked but I do find it interesting that their review thread is getting stacked with positive reviews all of a sudden, burying the bad reviews within the thread.

An overview percentage would work great. Positive, Neutral and Negative.


THAT was my motivation…long-winded stories are the least efficient way to communicate to a casual LH broker shopper, and we shouldn’t need to become Lord of the Flies to have a visible record of performance and results among brokers.


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From a consumer stand point I believe it is a good idea.
Trying to see it from the broker’s perspective, it might not be a great idea. We all know that there are people who don’t get their answers within 10 seconds after texting, the broker doesn’t want to go even lower on the already low deal (assuming pre-covid lol) or other random stuff they will hit the broker with a bad review.

If there was a system, i think it should be accompanied by explanation on why that rating was given, not just stars.


I mean to be fair, the Stinger is to leasing what a dumpster fire is to… I guess also leasing?


I agree with you that the system worked as it should but also agree some decisions need to be made or a conclusion reached since when you look at the marketplace thread of the broker&dealer team it looks like it’s just back to business as usual there…

Maybe that’s fine? I don’t know. Perhaps we should just expect prospective customers to do their research on their own and if they do proper research (and look past some potentially fluff reviews?) in the review thread they will see a trend.

Ideally there are certain standards that can be set for brokers and dealers on here (and I think 95%+ of them will pass with flying colors though the broker&dealer team maybe not?) but I certainly don’t envy anyone that needs to enforce those standards so I get why this is difficult to solve for.


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Fully stand by this idea!

That entire fiasco really has impacted everyone.

Noticing a significant shift in the confidence of prospective clients readily submitting a broker fee.

I had a client request us to FaceTime him to ease his mind before moving forward.


+1 on this.

Not that I mind, but I had to do two face to face at the dealer this week with buyers local to DFW as reassurance of confidence.


I don’t even charge a broker fee because I don’t sell a phone number, but even I noticed a hesitancy when it comes to dealing with new LH clientele. The situation in question damaged all broker reputations, despite being isolated to a particular broker. It put LH in a very bad light on reddit, bimmerpost, etc…