Broker Ratings a Good Idea?

All over a failure to own up and respond!

We would have all been better off pitching in and covering the refund.

Reddit and Bimmerpost indeed. A multitude of threads it seems like. Well! Enough said… let me get back to selling some phone numbers!


Tbh I really thought @michael and @littleviolette would step up and address this in a more meaningful way. Once trust erodes, it’s gone forever unless strong corrective action is taken.


That was the impetus for this suggestion…why wait, or shift burden when ‘we can do it ourselves’. Short of starting a Leasehackr Broker’s Association, where brokers bind to and uphold set standards to join and maintain their membership, (which I think would ultimately be to everyone’s benefit , and why does this particular industry not already have an established professional association?), one way to determine broker/consumer values is to agree on the criteria that both parties seek, and endeavor to push those ideals forward. I don’t really see any impediment to doing so, lest we simply just want to let wordy reviews carry the burden, and tell folks to ‘do the work (research)’. I think it could be much better than that.

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They do - NYABA


They could provide a good template for a national organization.

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That’s a low bar. Literally any stronger response would’ve been more meaningful.

Anyone know how much the annual / monthly LH broker registration fees are? Just wondering how much I have to pay to be allowed to charge members to not broker car deals. Is there an additional fee if I want to be openly hostile to the community when I get called out, or is it just one OTD price?

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@michael @littleviolette

Bravo to the management here for not making all the brokers suffer due to a single issue. I know 99% of my colleagues here, and myself try and do everything in our power to help people and we take our representation of the community at large very serious.

I’ve personally have done business with David and he was always outstanding. These are very difficult times we’re dealing with and I know it’s stressful. But paying clients are of utmost importance over new clients and communication and rapid refunds when you cannot deliver is key. Hopefully they sort out their business dealing and can continue contributing to the forum as well.

I’ve never had any doubts referring my fellow brokers here to clients that ask for vehicles other then toyota. I want to keep it that way and this is certainly the correct outcome for the minor black eye we all got from last week.

This community is the best and appreciate it immensely!