BostonCarConcierge July Volvo Thread! Low Mileage XC40 Specials Added!


Spreadsheet inspired by some of the most respected brokers on LH, here are some key hits for July! Take note of the S60 R Designs as well as the XC60 R Designs and HYBRIDS!

The XC60s are plug in and come with home charger for standard outlet.

They also can receive EV plates.

Check your home state for any additional rebates that may be possible.

USAA adds $500 incentive to leases. NEW cars only

These can go to any state other than CA!


I guess it’s T6 judging by the MSRP? :slight_smile:
May want to add to the title and description

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Yes sir! You would be correct. A lovely car!

Tell me about it lol

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So broke the wife’s rule about brokering while in Aruba? Ha!


LOL! I found a loophole. While our 13 month old naps in the room, I hang with her while wifey stays at the pool. Not bad, right!?


Did you rent a Hyundai Accent there? :smile:

Goodness no. We didnt rent anything ha

Still Available?

Yes it is thanks

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Can loyalty bonus be applied to this vehicle? Any chance to provide a link to the calculator?

We can try for Loyalty. Admittedly, Im not sure if it can pair with Costco. I bet Volvo Corporate star @Ursus knows :slight_smile:

Can be applied with anything, just need to have a Volvo or SAAB within past 6 months.

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Thanks handsome

How was Aruba, tell me :slightly_smiling_face:

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You know it was awesome!

Planning to return next September. Doing Eleuthera this September but loved Aruba.

Excited for your upcoming trip!

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What no 300 a month XC60’s this site has fallen apart haha

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I know you’re dying for one ha

Unreal these brokers are driving four cars while the rest of us starve lol

And be buying a car in a region with loyalty, i.e. no loyalty on S60s in the NE this month (or last month)…

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