Bolt EV April Lease

After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field is overturned. Rydell touchdown. ChevyGirl fumble in end-zone.

Ps - I had overlooked that 3125 included the driveoffs and first month. I thought it was only cap reduction with extra 2k in drive offs.

Well, we’re all in this together waiting for the Super Bowl of Bolt lease deals. When Chevy offers a $199/month (or $99!) lease deal - with little to no drive off!!


Yes, BMW i3 might win with this offer:

…if BMW offers $199/mo $0 dn on a fully loaded version incl moonroof and ACC w/Start&Go.

Bolt = 2x better range
BMW = ACC w/Start&Go tech + interior luxury

Right now I’m favoring the BMW, if I can lock one in.

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Haha… they’re just trying to test our patience…

Also curious what the new 2018 VW e-Golf with longer range is going to lease for… That have to be below the Bolt, correct?

BTW - BMW is dumping the MSD program on May 1, 2017.

Yes, I will need to act quickly; however, last year the 2016 models got some steep discounts. I think even without MSDs, there will be BMW i3 deals to be had all year long.

Picked up my new Bolt Sunday. “The Blue Glider” many thanks to all the forum members and LH in general for all the tips and education on how to get a great deal!

Here is my deal…

MSRP 38905
Sales price 35000
Taxed incentives 3500
Down 2400
Fees/tax/etc 1098
RV 61
MF .0072

$220.00 per month (includes tax)

Leasehackr score 12 years

Everything done via text and was in and out of the dealer with no issues in about 45 min.

How did I do?


With your $2,400 down, effective payment is $287/mo. Still better than the posted deal and going in the right direction

I read this as drive off equal 2400 + 1028 ttl.

Chevy girls is true zero drive off

This is looking promising since the 300 monthly barrier has been breached for the bolt. Next target is a true sub 250 deal and I know it will happen in May :wink:

Anyone have production numbers for how many Bolts Chevy will roughly produce before losing the $7500 credit?

I have a feeling in a year or so the conversation is going to be ford, hyundai and honda evs because they’re late to the party with lower production.

I already canceled my Model 3 deposit after Tesla announced AWD was low production priority guaranteeing I would roll into 2018 and no $7500 credit.

GM is at 130-140k EV vehicles manufactured already, so they will also start phasing out the credit by Q2 2018.

Chevy is pricing the Bolt lease by following the i3 (as least on the nationwide deal)

With this, [and Chevygal’s discounts], InsideEV is predicting Bolt will double its monthly sales in April :slight_smile:

Got the green flag to go deeper! from $360 to $340 per month with $0 out of pocket for 10k/ 36 months. :clap: :clap: :clap:


But based on XP4ME deal we’re already at $ 317.17 / month ((2400+1098+(220*36))/36)

In three years you can grab a used one off lease for about $15K…

I am returning a Smart ForTwo ED 2014 lease after 3 years (is down to about 55mi of range), and will keep leasing them because of their high depreciation and the future range increases.

I bet the Bolt 238mi in 3 years will be the minimum range for all electric models
Plus there should be many more EVs than just one model in that range hopefully :slight_smile:

how long before you need to replace battery?