Bolt EV April Lease

Anyone have production numbers for how many Bolts Chevy will roughly produce before losing the $7500 credit?

I have a feeling in a year or so the conversation is going to be ford, hyundai and honda evs because they’re late to the party with lower production.

I already canceled my Model 3 deposit after Tesla announced AWD was low production priority guaranteeing I would roll into 2018 and no $7500 credit.

GM is at 130-140k EV vehicles manufactured already, so they will also start phasing out the credit by Q2 2018.

Chevy is pricing the Bolt lease by following the i3 (as least on the nationwide deal)

With this, [and Chevygal’s discounts], InsideEV is predicting Bolt will double its monthly sales in April :slight_smile:

Got the green flag to go deeper! from $360 to $340 per month with $0 out of pocket for 10k/ 36 months. :clap: :clap: :clap:


But based on XP4ME deal we’re already at $ 317.17 / month ((2400+1098+(220*36))/36)

In three years you can grab a used one off lease for about $15K…

I am returning a Smart ForTwo ED 2014 lease after 3 years (is down to about 55mi of range), and will keep leasing them because of their high depreciation and the future range increases.

I bet the Bolt 238mi in 3 years will be the minimum range for all electric models
Plus there should be many more EVs than just one model in that range hopefully :slight_smile:

how long before you need to replace battery?

Every 2 months, depending on use, you need to buy a pack of AA batteries from CVS and replace them lol.

Honestly, I think the batteries are as reliable as, say, a transmission. A couple could go out at 1 year but most of them should work 10+ years.

I don’t know about the Bolt my friends Tesla when they park it and fly somewhere, and not plugged in, can lose 5-10mi of range per day depending on weather !! So if you do a month long trip and you arrived at the airport almost empty you could have a dead battery when you come back :frowning:

In addition to a $20 x 30 = $600 parking bill? Just Uber or shuttle it to the airport if you are going away for a month?

That’s beside the point (they had 3 hour drive each way and free parking at a friend’s place)

I found the term, it’s “vampiric losses”, and from my quick reading it seems that the Bolt doesn’t have any, which is good news…

there’s an 8 year warranty on the battery

Going by this trend, hoping to see it go below $300 pretty soon.

Sure thing. May deal for bolt will be sub 300 and for year end clearance, I am forecasting at least 7k manufacturer rebate.

Reason:, the bolt was forecast to sell 2k to 3k units a month and is only selling 1k. GM is producing a surplus of 1k units a month. Sure it is getting sold out in Korea and Canada, but not here in US of A.

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@vhooloo - Anchorman :joy:

Sorry, I know I’m late to the party with these posts, but can you elaborate on how the model 3 launch date has been continually pushed back? I put my deposit down on day one and keep pretty close tabs on Tesla news and haven’t heard a single thing about the Model 3 being delayed. Tesla promised a release of “late 2017”, starting with shipments to their employees and current Tesla owners. Last I heard they were still on track for that timeframe.

As for range… I’m sure many Model 3 owners will opt for a larger battery which I anticipate will go up to 300+ miles. Even if I’m paying slightly more than a Bolt, the tech and significantly better styling of the Model 3 is well worth a $5k premium.

I think the only thing Chevy has going for them is that they’re first to market at this kind of range for this price point and that they’re actually available to be purchased where many of the 450k people on the Model 3 wait list will be waiting for over a year.

its 215 miles range and production is 2017. delivery is mid 2018.

You missed the part that says “Delivery estimate for NEW reservations is mid 2018”. Deliveries for the early reservations is still scheduled for late 2017 as Tesla has said all along. I’m hearing now that they think some deliveries to employees and current Tesla owners could be as early as late summer. Also yes, 215 is the anticipated range for the base model of Model 3, but like I said, I think a 300+ mile version will be available.