BMW MSD Program Being Discontinued

I am reposting this from bimmerfest.

"Today we got official confirmation that BMW Financial Services is discontinuing the Multiple Security Deposit (MSD) Program for leased vehicles. You can still use MSD on any credit approvals dated May 1, 2017 or prior so if you’re thinking about a BMW lease with MSD starting taking to a Bimmerfest sponsor dealer now.

To take advantage of the MSD program before it ends you must use a BMW program from April or prior months to take advantage of the MSD discount. If you wish to use May or later programs no discount will be applied unfortunately.

The Security Deposit Policy and Security Deposit Waiver program will remain unchanged. Multiple Security Deposits as a stipulation of credit will remain but without a money factor discount.

Coming on the heals of cuts to the No Cost Maintenance Program and a reduction in the European Delivery program discount it will be interesting to see how BMW sales end up at the end of 2017."

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That really stinks. So anyone wanting a lease at a “decent” rate, better hurry up. Plus their MF is now .00146 :anguished:

And there was much cheering in the Benz forum as they ramp up to accommodate the thousands of new Benz lessees in the next few months :slight_smile:


It’ll be interesting to see if they subvent rates more, now that MSD is not available. My guess is “no”, but if they’re really trying to get back on top they may have to.

Then again, I may be vastly overestimating how many shoppers even knew about MSDs when initiating a lease…

dammit bmw. you guys better give me a 540 for 500 a month lol

Well if they get rid of the MSD and just “magically” lower the MF then that works better :slight_smile:


I don’t think this will happen.

I wanted a BMW 4 series but I guess they are throwing me to Mercedes c300 coupe.

Oh well.


How am I going to get a cheapy lease (relatively speaking) on a m3/5 in a couple of years when I can actually afford one :frowning:

With all of these changes it really makes you wonder what’s going on with BMW management??? They plan to make a boat load of new cars (to answer questions no one was asking in the first place) and confuse people further on their model range, plus reduced no maintenance program and no ED delivery :frowning:


What a Bummmmmmmmmmer

NOOOOOO QUICK - GET THAT I8!!! :anguished:

Perhaps they are putting profitability over volume.

Oh well, there goes my dream of leasing an M5… :disappointed:

They raised the MF to .00146

there’s only so much losses BMW can sustain in the long term… i mean they’ve been giving cars away compared to the competition. I do however think it will influence my decision for a car in the future. MSDs were a HUGE draw, i remember when BMW used to take 10 MSDs. Im super disappointed to hear this.

The volume they have been doing with MSDs is small enough so they can afford to cut the program and not see a real hit in total sales. With the fed increasing rates, their cost of funds goes up so I would have expected them to just limit the number of MSDs allowed instead of cutting it altogether.

Why reduce the number of MSDs when you can just rip the bandage off in one fell-swoop?

You generate half the amount of outrage if you do it once instead of doing it twice…

Most of BMW’s sales people don’t even know what an MSD is so i agree with @RVguy that there’s not a lot of volume being done to begin with. Which is why i don’t understand why they don’t just continue it. It doesn’t exactly help retain customers when other companies like Lexus allow it.

I’m not sure if they were just playing stupid, but a couple of the sales consultants I spoke with at various BMW dealerships asked me to explain what MSD were, as if they had never heard of them before.

@Lubes they haven’t…a sales person’s job isn’t to try to promote financial tools to make your car cheaper.


Well with BMW drifting further and further away from being the “ultimate driving machine” and now this, my shadow won’t be darkening a BMW showroom anytime soon.

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