BMWFS Lease Assumption Process and Timeline

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I am writing to share my experience with the recent bmw lease assumption process during COVID-19.
I think this may help out those of you who are looking to transfer out or take over BMW lease at this time.

4/20 Monday: Called BMWFS and found out lease assumption was back open and initiated the process. Transferee filled out Credit app in the morning of 4/20 and got immediate approval. Few hours later in the afternoon, both parties received stage 2 documents via e-mail.

4/21 Tuesday: Both parties have completed the physical paperwork that came thru e-mail and sent out paperwork to BMWFS using USPS priority mail (2 days).

4/23 Thursday: Received e-mail that stage 2 docs have been received by BMWFS. Shortly after received another e-mail that stage 2 is now completed.

4/24 Friday: Received the final e-mail from BMWFS that stage 3 has now been completed. Called BMWFS to see if there is anything else we need to wait on before handing over the vehicle to the new owner. They told me they sent over all paperwork necessary to register the vehicle using Fedex air; so once that is received by the new owner, it is safe to hand over the vehicle.

I think I may been one of the very first assumption applicant after they re-opened and this process could not have been more simple or easier than this.
Good luck to all of you that are looking to transfer out/in of lease at this time!
PM me for any additional question.
I’d be happy to answer any that I can.

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Same experience! Stage 2 docs received, next day stage 2 complete, then 10 min later stage 3 done.


Yep they are fast. Thanks for sharing it still is.

BMW is the best with transfers. I have done probably 10 of them with them (transfers in and out) and once the applicant is approved things move quickly.

Yes. This is great news. BMW is fantastic when it comes to lease transfers. I wish Ally would send their staff to BMW for training.


Their transfer policy is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to the brand…FYI doesn’t just apply to leases. I’ve transferred a financed X5 w BMWFS end to end in under a week.

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I’ve never done a lease transfer but I’ve heard in CA there are additional measures with DMV involved. Anyone know and can add some color? TIA

If it’s a CA car BMW needs to request a physical title from the DMV as they will not have it on file like they do from most states… Normally the CA DMV takes about a week however BMW requests it as soon as the initial app is approved… I have a B7 and 760, both CA cars and both took about 10 days, with the extra title time being the reason…

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I would like to transfer a BMW lease from NJ to NY asap, trying to figure out if that’s possible with NY DMV being closed? isn’t very promising.

Would I get some document in the stage 3 packet that can be used temporarily until the DMV opens again?

Should I just start the transfer process and see what happens? I don’t mind if the transfer gets delayed by the NY DMV or something, I just wouldn’t want it to complete if I end up with a situation where I am making payments on a car I can’t register / use.

I’m looking to use this to replace a rental car to commute to a hospital for work as a nurse for what that’s worth, not looking to flout or circumvent the perfectly legitimate restrictions in place.

I’m doing the same - they completed credit app and were approved yesterday and we received stage 2 docs. Just go ahead and try

@sledbeagle2 sounds like you are transferring out rather than in, is that right?

I’ve heard that maybe I can phone the DMV and they’ll do it with an appointment and they’re just not taking walk-ins, but I would still like a better idea of how this will work / some assurance that I won’t end up with a lease but no registration / unable to drive!

Yes im transferring out. I know NJ can do everything remotely, not sure about NY tho. I’ll let you know how my situation evolves

Wow OP thats pretty quick. Same state im assuming ?
I did one in December from FL to NY and wish it was this smooth. First glitch on bmw after the assuming party applied for credit. When we reached out on next day to ask, they said they hadnt received. They reapplied and done almost instantly. Stage 2 was cleared in a couple a days but then a week later we get email saying stage 2 isnt complete. Aparently NY requires a paper title to process registration and all… argghhhh. Due to holidays, it took 2 weeks for bmw to receive title from NY and then it was just something with BMW every now n then. Whole process took 46 days.
Next time, i offer something, i will make sure to give priority to in state parties

I would confirm with one of the brokers here if dmv is closed then you might be stuck if its the whole paper title requirement thing which messed me up.

My fastest turnaround with a BMW transfer was 5 business days, started in a Monday and was done by Friday.

I agree with @M3-Fast that it is one of the reasons I stay loyal to BMW because they don’t hold you hostage if you want out of your lease

What ended up happening? I’m looking to transfer in to NY from PA. DMVs are all closed and I’m not sure how to get the car registered.
cc: @patrick70

Had no issues, transfer was completed in three weeks but only took so long because the other party messed up paperwork twice. They told me that they received NY plates in the mail the day after the transfer was completed and I turned the car over

Was 10 days CA DMV time, pre-covid or in recent weeks…

I’ve one transfer waiting for DMV since 5/13

I read on another thread procedures about one pay. Might be looking to do a one pay in California, is it pretty much same procedure? Thanks.

I just started the BMW lease transfer process. I know that BMW FS halted lease transfer due to COVID in March/April. I have read here that they have been pretty quick with everything ove the years. I am trying to create a timeline for people who are/will be going through the process. I am not sure how many people are going through the process right now but this may be helpful.

Credit App submitted: 5/27/2020 1:24 pm Pacific.
Credit Decision:
Step 2 Email received:
Step 2 Documents received back by BMW FS:
Step 3 Documents Received:

If someone else is also going through the process or have recently been through the process, please post your timeline.