BMW X5 45e Plug-In Hybrid deals

Curious what % off MSRP are people getting on #bmw X5 45e Plug-In Hybrids in #ca-socal . Am I better off buying or leasing? Currently leasing a 2019 540i that’s coming up. I’ll most-likey buy it out of its lease and keep it for a while to trade it in for the X5. Need something bigger for the family now and want to take advantage of the tax incentive for 6k lbs.

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You would be better off buying one. The lease is not advantageous on these as you have a higher interest rate (MF) and no $7500 tax credit.

If you purchase you can claim the $7500 tax credit and use better bmwfs financing rates.

We have some available at MSRP plus any rebates you qualify for if you’re interested.


Of the 10 dealers I spoke to. None of them were giving anything off msrp


getting an allocation at msrp at base rate is a great deal.


Some dealers will try to trick you into thinking that you’re getting a deal by starting at above msrp and pulling back to msrp. I think msrp should be effortless and you may be able to chip a little off msrp if you go on the spot ready to do a deal. I talked to one dealership where the salesperson didn’t want to move but the GM offered 1K off.

Going in person sounds like a potential massive waste of time


I ordered mine in January and just took delivery two weeks ago. I’m in norcal and it was at MSRP. Looking in this forum, $1k off or 2% seems doable if they try to move a cancelation or a unit in stock.

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I’ll do 1K off on ‘23 preorders.

Cash deal available if not financing with FS.


Not sure. That’s not your typical leasehackr deal where you’re trying to get 15%. We are talking 1-2K off MSRP. You have to signal that you are ready to do a deal the same day but if you are exchanging emails you may get beaten by someone who is on the spot.

What’s your cash deal?

I didn’t realize dealers are already taking preorders (or establishing waitlists?) for the LCI 45e. Any word as to expected pricing?

That’s a good question that maybe @IAC could answer

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Yeah sorry that was for @IAC.

Also @IAC, is this offer nationwide?
I presume it’s far too early to know what BMWFS is offering.

Same as lease.

Yes nationwide. And yes pre order/waitlist is live.

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What’s the delivery window?

Based on current waitlist likely is late fall to winter allocations.

Occasionally get a nice tranche of allocations or trade for some to move the list forward but that’s my best guess.

I thought that the LCI production was scheduled to start 4/23.

Haven’t seen anyone lease this model in a looong time due to the federal credit. Have some 2022 production spots left that I can work with, and if you don’t need the 45e can probably help you out more on an x40 variant.


I have been contacting dealers around here in Southern California re: ordering a 45e. Most are selling at MSRP, though some have some pretty egregious mark-ups (one dealer told me they’re pricing at MSRP + $10K today). Trying to decide if we can get a decent enough discount on an x40 to make it worthwhile all things considered (cost to own inclusive of gas, depreciation, etc.).

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