BMW X4 Demo Lease Good Deal?

2018 BMW X4 Demo 4,500 miles
MSRP $58,544
Sale Price $47,500
Incentive $2000
36/12 Lease
$480 Month
$0 Down
Drive off $2446
($1900 Virginia Tax, $65 TTL, $480 first month)
I’m a newbie :wink:

How is this deal? Where do I have room to negotiate for a better deal?

Thanks so much!


Considering you are paying VA taxes upfront, that’s a very good deal.

I think it is at the sweet spot of < 5k miles demo, so go for it.

is this M40i or 28i?

2019 BMW X4 28i with 4,500 miles
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Crystal Balls seal of approval.

Thanks all!

Is it better to roll the acquisition cost into the lease or pay it up front. Gap insurance won’t cover it in case of total damage will it? I don’t mind paying it up front.

Nice deal!! Good job for being a rookie :wink:



Roll everything into your monthly payment and pay as little as possible at signing. Good deal by the way, I’d be surprised if there is room for further dealer discount…

Would you explain why this is better? Don’t you end up paying more? And if the car is totaled, don’t you then have a nice tax and fees bill to pay?

Rolling everything into your capitalized cost is better because in case your call is stolen or totaled your auto insurance + gap insurance will cover the money you owe (net capitalized cost - monthly payments made until that point) to the leasing company. If you don’t pay your taxes and acquisition fee upfront, they will be part of your net capitalized cost thus covered by the gap insurance. If you pay your taxes and acquisition fee upfront then in case of car being totaled or stolen, you will not be reimbursed for the acquisition fee and taxes you paid upfront.

Working on it right now.

Thanks! It’s my first ever Lease.:blush:

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Oooooooh I see. Well my deal won’t look so good now.:anguished:

With the tax included I get a $500 payment. Is this still good? Or did I mess up.

It has a minimal impact on your deal, you are just going to pay interest on your acquisition fee. That should add about $1 your monthly cost.

If you are thinking your monthly payment is now higher because you are not paying for things upfront then you could have put $9k down and lowered your monthly payment to less than $300. Would that make this a better deal? In a word, no.

I would take it in a heart beat, not that many X4s will lease like this .

Lol. I see that now! Thanks so much. Being a newbie is HARD.

No worries. It is a pretty good deal newbie or not…