2018 BMW 430i xDrive GC Demo - need some help!

Hi Hackers -

I was hoping to sanity check this deal with the group. The deal is for a demo with ~4,500 miles on it.

MSRP is ~56k and they are selling me the car for ~43.5k. I am eligible for $3k of incentives so effectively they are discounting the car to 46.5k so about 16% MSRP reduction before incentives coming from the dealer on the car.

My monthly including tax is coming to ~$470 a month. The money factor is .00131 after MSDs. No cap cost reduction and all upfront fees will be paid out of pocket. I tried to follow the forum guidance so hoping this looks in alignment!

anyonee happen to have an opinion? :smiley:

It beats the 1% guideline, you aren’t putting money down except MSD’s, and you like the car. I’d say unless you really want to push for a bit more just to save a little money, it’s a good deal. Enjoy the car :slight_smile:

16% off is great but demos should go for 18-20% off before incentives. Not a bad deal at all though. Post the calculator so we can see the details and where u might be able to save. It’s a bit harder to tell without taxes and seeing how much the MSDs save

Looks like a decent deal but I would recommend rolling the upfront fees into your monthly lease payment.

Why pay interest on them if you don’t need to? The MF isn’t close to being zero

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Great explanation, thank you!