BMW X1 sDrive 2021 - Deal review

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Hello Friends - This is my first post and I am a total noob so my sincere apologies if this in the wrong forum/topic area.
I am in the market for an X1 with premium package in the bay area. I’ve reached out to couple dealers that have quoted similar prices. I would love some opinions on what levers I can pull to make this deal better for me? Most dealers in NorCal aren’t willing to budge past 5-6% off MSRP. However, most folks here seem to be getting closer to 9-10% range. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. I am forever grateful. thanks all.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW X1 sDrive28 (VIN: WBXJG7C02M5T93080)
MSRP: $41,995
Selling Price: $39615 (5.67%)
Monthly Payment: $567
Drive-Off Amount: $5442 (includes $4200 MSD + $546 license + $129 doc fee + $567 first mo payment)
Annual Mileage:12
Incentives:$1000 (rebates)
Region: CA (Concord)
Leasehackr Score:7.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

You might want to switch the title to “ask the Hackrs” instead of “Share a Deal”
The dealer is willing to give you base MF?
Some people get 9~10% but MF got marked up to the max.
Where did you get the incentives from? I only see $500 lease cash.
I made some adjustment on your calculator for the MF part, CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

If you’re a veteran, get a code.

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oh that make sense.
OP please list out all the incentives that you qualified.

The X1 is not going to offer very good value no matter how hard you push this thing uphill.


And to think back little while ago loaner x1’s leased for under $200…

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Unless your sold on the X1, you should be looking at an X3/X4 for that money.

I’m paying $572 for an X5 got it back in November 2018 and people here said the deal wasn’t that great. Amazing how things have changed!

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Thanks for he inputs! Much appreciated

According to my dealership, the incentives include preferred Customer discount plus $500 BMW loyalty rebate and $500 BME lease credit rebate

Can you clarify what you mean by “code”?

Google bmw veteran.

Use to submit to bmw. You receive an offer code from bmw you can give the dealer

Have you checked the marketplace section of CA brokers deals? They can very likely give you a much better deal. You may need to pick up the car from So CA or ship it from there.

@skyline31518 - Can you please explain why you changed my MF back to 0.00093? On my dealer’s pricing breakdown, it explicitly shows the MF = 0.00065 (See attached).

On a side note, I’ve been playing the dealers against each other, and this particular dealer is NOW willing to match another dealer’s discount and give me 10% off MSRP. However, I’ve noticed, they play games on the MF to make their $$ back. I looked at the BMW leasing (BMW Leasing Wiki) and it shows the same MF = 0.00093 that you input.

Apologies for the trivial questions, clearly i am not a math whiz. thank you!

@NewB_lessor the Base MF is 0.00093, see the screenshot below.
if you put 7 MSD, then it will auto adjust the MF to 0.00065

The MSDs make the MF 0.00065. Without them it’s 0.00093. When you use the calculator put 0.00093 and click rhe MSD option after. It will adjust automatically.

It’s a free country so waste, I mean spend, your money however you wish to but I’ll say this one more time before I exit the thread

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@skyline31518 AND @Batistuta - Thank you again! silly oversight on my part. Appreciate the quick response.

@max_g – I hear you LOUD and clear :slight_smile: My lady wants the X1 ; Not the X2, not the X3. She has test driven all 3 models and is bent on the X1. We’ve had 325, 330, and 228 previously. I have explained on multiple occasions we can get more bang for buck on X3 or X2 models. So, now i am stuck with trying to get her the best X1 deal possible fully recognizing it’s poor value for money. Given my constraints, the best i “think” i can do is try to get the lowest MSRP possible with the specs we want, with the lowest MF. Other thoughts?

See if other dealers are willing to give bigger discount, try SoCal dealers too.

Thank you again. Check out the new numbers and let me know what you think please. THANK YOU!

Looks good for the market