BMW MSD Program Being Discontinued

No msd and electric numb steering, etc. is pushing me out

I’m paying 648 for a 70k 535 with msd and for the G30 I’m looking at nearly 800. Quite upset that Bmw ended this.

$445 for 75k 550i.

I blame @loberant for killing the MSD! He made it too accessible to the masses!

@Phantomcypher you’re paying $445 for a 550i?

When was that deal done? Somehow i missed this, that’s a crazy price!

June 2015 so I’m at the end of my lease in a month :frowning:

@Phantomcypher that’s one hell of a score for a 550i.

You getting another BMW before the MSD program ends?

I don’t know if I want another BMW after leasing 6 of them straight in the last 4 years.

Suggestions on one?

So far I have leased:
1 series
335i GT
550i GT

I hear you on wanting something else after 6 BMWs.

I don’t know how well they lease but Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is a really fun car that’s also practical.
Then again, you already had an X5M…hmmm…tough one…

That’s the deal breaker for @Phantomcypher :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s because I’m young, but after driving my 550i for the last few months, weather or not the deals are still good or not, I will likely be getting another one because I have fallen in love with the car.

what’s your payment on the 550i?

The incoming 2018 M550 Xi is a beast, BTW!

Easy peasy. i8 next. 20 chars

@willwar14 deal is somewhere in this forum … $545/mo I think

i8 … 20 chars

Honest question. How is BMW going to compete with no MSDs? As I understand, the lack of MSDs is going to raise the monthly of BMW leases by at least 10-15%. So while you can lease a solid MB or Lexus for $500/month, that MSRP BMW will be roughly $75 more a month. Seems to make no sense to me.

How many customers really take advantage of the MSDs? Maybe 5% or less of their customers, if that? Even some folks on here don’t do it for some reason.

I agree with @Jon, most people don’t know about MSDs, the dealerships don’t really promote it and most sales people don’t even know what it is

So predictable, guys. Alfa Quadrifoglio is the way to go for Phantom :point_up_2:

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I think it’s pretty clear - lower MF to start with. Very small % uses MSD anyway. My friend at a major MB dealer just doesn’t do MSD.