BMW M5 113k MSRP Monthly payment $1394, DAS $2038

Hi Guys, I just got this deal closed on a BMW M5, I think it’s a pretty killer deal considering the fact that this is a M5 and a not a regular model, I feel if the residual was better it would’ve worked out even more. After receiving the BMW CCA $1000 rebate, my effective payment will be $1364 per month inc tax, with $2038 DAS inc 1st payment, everything else. Please find the attached lease worksheet, I’d love the feedback. I am having the vehicle shipped, and will post pictures of the beauty once I receive it. @nyclife got me an even better deal, however I did not like the options and colors on that vehicle, it was a $1283 payment. Thank you for your help again Quentin! :slight_smile: 15k/36, 0.00128 MF. Please find all other details in the lease worksheet.


killer car? yes, killer deal? No. It’s a decent deal, looks like a non comp I would assume. That’s a good discount on a car that’s hard to get discounts on.

Saving money isn’t really the key with these cars, you should get the spec you want and at this price point $100-$200 for what you want is totally worth it. Post pics when you receive the car.

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What would be a realistically killer deal for this car? I didn’t see any posts about a M5. Yeah that’s what I did in the end, and went with the more expensive lease. Still a hard pill to swallow. :man_shrugging:t2: Will definitely post pictures in Trophy Garage once I get it.

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