BMW M340 - Custom order questions



Would the leasehackr gurus mind giving some insight into whether or not this seems like a good deal on a custom order 2020 BMW M340i xDrive?

I know this is on the pricey side, but I am looking forward to some of the tech :slight_smile: I also know I could’ve had a 2018 for a lot lesser, but I kind of want the newer generation, and it wasn’t easy to get the 10% off MSRP on this.

This is in the North East, and the dealer says he can do a pull ahead on my current 2016 BMW 340i xDrive which is due in mid August, and it’s “already worked into the numbers”. Also says I can expect delivery of the new order in mid June by current estimates.

MSRP: $65,820
Sell Price: $59,230 (10% off)
Miles: 15K/year
Residual: 58%
Incentives: $2000 Loyalty, $1250 Lease Credit, $500 OL code
DAS: $1059 (includes first month payment)
Taxes: 9%
Pre-tax monthly: $628
Post-tax monthly: $686

Leasehackr calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

What do you all think?

UPDATE 5/10/2019:

Just put a deposit down for a 2020 M340. Dealer just placed an order based on spec. No financing completed yet, no credit checks yet, planning to visit dealer tomorrow for what I’m guessing is a buy-out pre-inspection of my current BMW lease that expires in mid-August.

UPDATE 7/23/2019:

I finally picked up the car on 7/8, and it ended up being a great experience. No surprises with the trade-in or the new car, except that the OL code did not work. But the new July numbers had a better base MF (0.00110 after 7 MSDs) and a reduced Lease cash incentive. We used the new numbers over the locked numbers since the overall cost was lower.

Took 2 months for the build to arrive, the wait was excruciating, but worth it eventually for the exact build I wanted.

Here is what my final signed numbers looked like: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Including Lease Cash ($1000), Loyalty ($2000), CCA ($500-$134=$366), I ended up with 15.6% off after incentives, 10.5% off before on a custom order. And no marked up dealer fees, or any broker fees!

Many thanks to Kim Huntzinger and Eric Salem (also a LeaseHackr) at BMW of Reading who made it happen!

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This definitely doesn’t look bad for custom order/15k annual mileage/tax included, but as far as I know, there’s no official pull-ahead for BMW, so this dealer is simply rolling your payments into this new car.

That does seem to be the case.
I could wait another month, but I’m not sure how easy to replicate these numbers would be.

Seems like a pretty solid deal especially since he’s taking care of the payments for your old 340

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The last payment would be made in mid July. How long would the custom order take to arrive at your dealer?

After mid June there is only one remaining payment to cap or eat in lieu of a further discount

I’m really not sure. But they really don’t want to discount the sales price any more. Or put in another $500 on the dealer contribution portion of the OL code.

They’re saying they want my current car on their lot to turn it around to be a CPO.

Sounds crazy but id see if they sign it now and offer to put you in a nice loaner until your custom car arrives. (Saves some miles for you, gives them your car now)

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Found the reason for the discrepancy in pricing. Residual should be 58%.

Now dealer and I are both at $686/month.

I shopped a few more dealers, and man do they hate penny pinchers, and unicorn hunters. Glad I didn’t take the wife along.
At least my original dealer was courteous the whole time, and actually wants my business.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t back out from the deal, and there’s no surprises.

Updated calculator link:

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Describe hate?

“We only sell for MSRP”, “We have more moderately priced options for budget conscious consumer” rubbish?

Pretty much, “we’ve got to make money too”. “Which website are you from - leasehackr or bimmerfest”? “You guys have it all wrong, this is no way to do business, we’re here to build relationships”. “Who gave you that number, that’s absurd”. “These cars aren’t going out for those kind of numbers”.


I would ask for the numbers if they didn’t factor in your current car with the “pull ahead”.

The word is out on our kind, I guess. In their shoes though I’d rather make a loser deal that has potential to bring more volume sales in by word of mouth because the fact is, not all of us here are shrewd negotiators.

A sales manager last night sat me down, asked me where I got all my information from, and told me they have a DealerHackr of their own, and that he planned to put up images of who not to do business with.

I’m still not sure if he was joking or not.


Is a 12% off possible on these?

That’s why you never set foot in a dealership until the deal is done. Go in sign the paperwork and get your car.

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With the right push and shove, I’m sure it is.

Wait, you’re doing this all in person from scratch? I feel like stepping foot in a dealership before I’ve found someone in the same ballpark as me never works out.

And I’d love to get my picture up on someone’s “do not do business with” list, would be like a badge of honor. For my next hack, I intend on contacting dozens, if not hundreds of dealers - I’m hacking, looking for a rainbow colored unicorn that poops gold that nobody has ever seen. I anticipate and expect 299 dealers to tell me I’m a maniac, until I stumble upon that 300th dealer that just needs to move the unit.


I’ve done both and key to walking in the dealer on a lark is to be willing to drive away from a bad deal.

I’ve found dealers in my area are sometimes slow to respond, and would sometimes not respond at all.
My approach is usually to establish an initial contact in person, and then negotiate over the phone or email.

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I’ve always found walking in blind and dealing with a random sales guy has been a failing tactic for me. I’ve had 10x the success dealing with an internet department.