BMW Extended Warranty


I am buying my leased X4. The dealer is offering me the extended warranty (which I am going to buy it but shopping around) for 3 years for an additional 30k miles warranty for $2744 (bumper to bumper) and a four year additional 30k miles for $2844. I found other places in the internet which can vary from $150-$200/mo for the same car. Coverage is similar. The BMW one seems to be a fantastic deal, so, wonder if others had a similar experience?

Is it a BMW warranty or a 3rd party warranty? Price seems low for a BMW warranty.

Also is it a named component plan (something like “powertrain”, “gold”) which could have gaps in coverage or a named exclusion plan (“platinum”)?

Search the forum. This has been discussed before.

If it’s the official BMW extended coverage you should be able to buy it from any BMW dealer.

Check on BMW forums if I remember correctly there are a few dealers there who will sell you the extended warranty at minimal markup.

I was feeling generous so I did the legwork for you:

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