BMW East Coast program request

Can we get someone like BMW_Dave but from NY/NJ to post a spreadsheet like this???

There aren’t any BMW dealers on the forum from NY/NJ. A broker could do this, yes, but you can easily find this info on your own too. RV/MF is national, so the only difference is regional variances in lease cash/loyalty

Not entirely true.

@bretbmw is one of the Northern NJ dealers that frequently posts here…


Fair enough…but you can still find out the missing parameters yourself.

Thanks for the kind words. For reference, our numbers vs. Dave’s numbers are substantially similar. Small differences in some areas. I will gladly do this every month if it was seen helpful to others.


That would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

This would help us out on the east coast BIG TIME.

Yes @bretbmw please and thank you!!!

Bret- that would be great.
I am seeing giant differences on the BMW website. X6 for instance is a 5500 vs 750 . (zip codes cali vs NY). Is this actually true?

No, $5500 is the lease credit, $750 is the loyalty credit. Same for west and east coast.

Working on the program for east coast now guys - sorry for the thread jack Dave I’m going to mimick the format you have, and hopefully will relieve some of the program questions you have from us east coast guys. Post will be up in a few mins

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thanks. This is very interesting. Try putting a Cali Zip code (90210) vs a NY zip (11040) on Alot of the lease credits disappear and the “advertised” lease prices significantly increase…however the credits actually remain but are “hidden”.

Have you posted yet?
Thanks a lot

Have You posted yet?

Relax dude he’s doing us a favor


Lol, seriously, In the amount of time he’s putting this together, everyone could’ve found out on their own with a few mouse clicks.


Just asking. LOL

That’s more than asking


Had a client at my desk today, tough crowd for doing some free work hah. i’ll post it when i have time


the programs are pretty similar - BMW website is pretty clear regarding incentives – not sure if there is a need for a east coast chart