BMW Canceled My Deal & Broker Won't Refund Broker Fee

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Unfortunately it wasn’t six days of silence; she answered a couple of queries related to new business in that timeframe.

Not a good look when you have unanswered requests from paid clients to whom you owe refunds :\


The OP provided an explanation i.e. Zelle efforts, Lack of communication etc. I think the best course is for broker to refund OP.

The broker should not be wrong and strong at the same time so I commend her for not commenting here. Also, from reading the comments, the majority of users here aren’t even in favor of the OP redeeming herself. What can she say to sway their opinions and minds, that are already made up?

I’ve seen posts where users are quick to defend brokers, slow to press OP to mention names and also, slow to start linking threads etc. This is not one of those. The broker is against the world at this point and just need to improve their processes in order to maintain a good name.

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Broker is trying to refund the money. Communication could be better but she is trying to make it right. Not a bad resolution for OP. Still sucks the order was cancelled but in this market it is what it is.

As foretold in the ancient Mayan prophecy:


The without Internet excuse is always null and void in 2021.

  1. Everyone has a smart phone. Was the entire cellular grid down near parents home as well for 2 straight days?
  2. Cell phones have hotspots. Many with unlimited data.
  3. Internet out for a full two days, huh? In 2021, if the Internet was out for a full 2 days around here, people would riot in the streets.

Try again.


Cool story and infographic, bonus points for sticking “cancel” in italics to stir shit up, however lost internet, power and malfunctioning world’s smallest violin were not preventing them from answering new business threads as posted by other people here. So the sob story only applies to refunds?


What amazes me is how many excuses people give for this crook of a broker. She is aware of this thread and refuses to respond with any sort of explanation. There’s absolutely no reason to doubt op and his sequence of events. I guess if you pay the lease hacker advertising fee the usual cronies will stick up for the crook.

I’m also amused by the number of persons who never communicated or transacted with the broker and how they are quick to ridicule the broker. That’s in their right. The OP has no reason to lie and provided reasonable evidence that the broker Is in the wrong and lacked proper communication.

What do you want the broker to come and say here to change the minds of everyone else including yourself?

Everyone has already provided the “usual” excuses and screenshots to belittle the broker. I’m not sure that much can be done here by the broker.


If every business who has had transaction disputes with customers were deemed a “crook”, you would be left with very few businesses. It seems the broker is making an effort, albeit a weak one, to resolve the situation. Why be so quick to judge someone you have never had a personal experience with?


What reason would the broker have for getting in the mud on this one? The lack of communication is the biggest issue and OP has indicated that she is trying to refund the payment. The lack of communication is, at this point, between the broker and OP.


The first reasonable response here outside of Jim saying the broker would never intentionally ruin their name. It’s a small microcosm of the good and bad side of instant connectivity and the old school pile on method.

It’s $500 bucks and we attacked someone’s character in this case a woman even. We all make mistakes it’s the effort we take to rectify the mistake that’s important.

It’s done we can close this down now.


Slowing this down: 15 mins between posts until tomorrow.


Acknowledge the situation, take responsibility, promise to never do it again. Instead it sounds like a “let’s wait for things to blow over” strategy, and I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what annoys me personally.

The broker’s effort seems like an old contractor trick. Oh yeah, I tried sending the money back to you but it went to a wrong address, I’ll send it again. Oh I forgot to sign the check, let me get a new one to you. I was helping my disabled brother’s cousin’s former roommate to move a couch and didn’t have the time. The more “effort” that’s presented the worse the perception of their case becomes.

And that makes a difference how? Are you saying it’s not ok for a guy to rip someone off, but a woman will be given a certain degree of leeway?


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I really don’t see the parallel here.

This isn’t a situation where the buyer agreed to a deal and backed out.

The situation itself is clear. He paid for a car. The broker and dealer couldn’t produce the car.

No broker in their right mind would EVER keep a fee because of that.

No broker on this planet would do that.

Edit-I think everyone can agree communication here is the biggest issue and the situation will be rectified between broker and OP.

The thread is just getting nasty at this point.


The issue is the lack of communication. I doubt any party was overly concerned with the amount of money in question or in doubt whether it would be refunded in the end. The lapses in communication over something that takes a singular minute to do is the confusing part. Replying to new leads before getting back to people who are owed refunds is unacceptable and inexcusable. Are they not your customers until the money is refunded? That should take priority, even if you know you’re not making any money off of them.

I don’t think there’s anything the broker can say besides ‘oops, I forgot’ or ‘I handled this poorly and will be more organized in the future.’


I am fairly confident I know what is going on here.

Let’s just say if my instincts are correct this is out of her hands and labeling her a crook is uncalled for.

Looks like this spilled over….and is not the only instance.


The OP mentioned that he received an email stating that there’s an Incoming transaction, however it was sent to the incorrect email registered with Zelle. Broker didn’t make excuses about sending it (even too late)

I’d expect the OP to be “personally” annoyed in his own right. However, strangers bashing the broker, is beyond me.

Had a similar issue after a broker failed to secure car within 48 hours. The Broker was responsive but implied that he needed to know if I was getting the same brand and from where before issuing my refund since he/she needed to know if it’s the same dealer who claimed they didn’t have any cars. That’s an issue between broker and dealer, nothing to do with my refund. I had no reason to come here and get flustered (not downplaying OP’s frustration, however everyone else’s).

Exactly. You have people who have never even transacted, not only giving their rightful opionions but making it seem more personal than ever.

I’ve used the brokers before I realize how easy it is to do myself and save the $500 fee on the front end and the couple hundred dollars they make on the back end. Again why are you so defensive about a shady broker call a spade a spade. Ultimately none of the brokers are happy about this thread because it raises legitimate concerns


There is no parallel, it’s actual information from the thread:

So the “effort” was to return the money to an account where it couldn’t be returned, so not much of an effort.

So far it does seem that the broker is at the very least trying to delay returning the money, which is not a good look. While it’s super nice and “genuine” all the brokers coming together in a defense of this person, the end result is that they effed up royally and the situation should have been resolved a long time ago.

Saying “no dealer will…” over $500, is too broad of a statement that noone can back up. People have done much worse for a lot less if the circumstances are right. I don’t know DMV whatever from a hole in a wall, but based on lack of responses from the broker and the “fake” attempt to return the money is just not looking too great.

Are your instincts going to give anyone their money back? At any given point in time (assuming they are alive and by the fact that they were posting at some point they are) they could have come in here, posted when people are getting their money back, and I’m sure the thread wouldn’t exist or would be much shorter.