BMW Canceled My Deal & Broker Won't Refund Broker Fee

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Not all publicity is good publicity.


I guess just process of elimination lol


Is it just me or is everyones finger hurting from liking all the posts.

Btw i think the brokers defense is that they were not able to assist clients due to personal reasons.

There’s always two sides to a story, and while I know it can be easy to jump to conclusions given the way things appear sometimes, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the rollercoaster of the past year, it’s to give folks the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Especially when, in all fairness to both people, we are only hearing half the story.

Yes, $500 is indeed a good chunk of money, and it should have been returned to OP in a timely fashion, no doubt - but why jump to the level of suggesting rumors of financial issues, etc.? Poor communication, I can definitely see a point for given OP’s stated narrative, but other than that… it’s pretty easy to be an armchair warrior these days, isn’t it. :frowning:

OP, if you’re indeed having 0 communication from the broker in question, your likely best recourse is to work with your bank for Zelle chargeback support, and to make a post on their actual reviews thread, making it more transparent and giving them a chance to remedy the situation and respond as well.

Not sure we need to beat the dead horse further in this thread.

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I’m not sure why we’re screwing around here and doing this dance. @DMVLease , please respond to clear this up.


Like I said above - there is a place for this where OP and the broker should communicate, without others contributing their theories on what happened. Only these two know what happened and only their posts will be allowed in the review thread. I will copy OPs post to the broker’s review thread and she can respond there. .


then we should de-list this because it is going to cause damage if there is no resolution posted here.

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Well, this is Off-Ramp, so if people want to continue speculating, they can do it here. OP can always post here If there is a resolution. Any resolution will be done in private, I guess.
Review thread is linked from the OP post here also.

OP added additional context and discussion here after his initial post. If this thread is de-listed, it’ll look less than transparent. I suggest making a final post here linking back to the review thread and locking this one. This thread doesn’t really stand on its own, it belongs in the broker’s review area.

Further speculation here without additional context / information isn’t likely to add any value.

i actually just wrote to @Ursus suggesting we make the link if/when a resolution is posted. We need to close the loop … IF we can. I would lock this one in the meantime, but I’ve been told I am too quick to lock threads. lol.


Are we going to need escrow accounts for broker fees now?


Credit Card processing is a very simple fix


a million times this ^
I make all deposits on AMEX since they, IMHO, have the best dispute system.


Yes, if there is a resolution then OP can post here or we can link to the resolution post in the Review. But there is nothing we can do if neither of this happens.

Update: I received an email from Zelle last night advising that the broker was attempting to send me my $500. Unfortunately the transfer could not go through because the broker was attempting to use an email that is not linked with my bank account. This error could have been avoided had the broker simply reached out and requested my Zelle info but I digress.

A few moments later a received an email from the broker (after 6 days of silence) advising of her attempt to send me the money. I expected an apology and/or explanation for the delay in my refund or a response but instead was told of the broker’s disappointed with this thread. I hope we can all agree that I’ve made every reasonable effort to protect the broker’s identity throughout my posts here. Anyway, I provided the correct Zelle information and even sent the broker a request through my Zelle account in order to facilitate the payment.

But, here we are, almost 12 hours later and I haven’t received my refund.


So, two community members have allegedly been ripped off.

What does it take to get banned from LH, exactly?


Considering 1000+ cars likely sell here each month, this is a very very rare situation. I’m pretty confident the broker will fix this. Doubt they pay all the leasehackr fees just to ruin their name and steal $500-1000. Brokers here get grilled by members, I think this forum is the safest place to secure a broker as the community is very tight knit and attentive.

Read some broker reviews on Google or Yelp, most are horrible. I don’t take credit cards directly to save my clients the 3%+ fee. If I have to start doing that then I’m just going to pass that cost on. Venmo is starting a business account and charging fees so I’m sure that payment method has its days numbered.


I agree with you. I was being 100% facetious.


I would probably be fuming if this happened to me. But I’m not sure it’s fair (yet) to judge the performance or intents of the broker without hearing from her. Six days of silence. Twelve hours to get the Zelle done. Sounds egregious :face_with_monocle:, but maybe there are mitigating circumstances. Maybe the dog ate the paperwork. Maybe health issues. Sure, maybe financial issue. But there are a myriad of possibilities in this human world. So many here just want to cancel her.

I remember early posts when she was starting out. I thought she was genuine and did business in a special, personal manner. Maybe she’s not set up for high volume business or maybe overestimated the burden of the business. Not great when dealing with luxo-deals on expensive cars, not $5 cupcakes for sure.

We’ve never communicated/emailed/PMd or had any business together. If she chooses to comment here (she should at least try, if she wants to continue brokering here), maybe we’ll be a little forgiving.

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Big businesses can take up to 30 days to issue a refund. I’m not supporting 6 days of silence. I’m just making a comparison that it certainly could be worse. Mecum Auctions held my $10k deposit for the full 30 days after I didn’t win any of the auctions I bid on. Now THAT’s a place I’ll never work with again.

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