BMW Canceled My Deal & Broker Won't Refund Broker Fee

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Hi folks, long time lurker here with an unexpected situation on a deal I worked out with one of the more popular brokers on the forum. I paid them their requested broker fee on June 3rd and was awaiting to be contacted by the dealership to pay the deposit as I was supposed to receive a custom build. After receiving confirmation both verbally and via text that all was well my deal, I spoke with a BMW rep on June 12th who advised that the deal had to be canceled due to inventory issues. I was disappointed that I received this information from an unknown 3rd party instead of my broker but I understood that manufacturer inventory issues are beyond a broker’s and dealership’s control.

BUT, here we are, 10 days later and the broker hasn’t refunded me the $500 broker fee. I’ve been patient but the broker is basically ignoring me. Is there a formal mechanism in place to deal with situations when a LeaseHackr broker behaves this way?

Please let me know. Thanks.


post in the broker’s review thread?


The title of your thread and your opening post are a bit inconsistent. You said the dealer canceled your deal in your opening post, but the title says the broker canceled your deal. Which is it?

Also, when is the last time you heard from the broker? There must be more to the story. If it’s as simple as what you said in your opening post, it’s pretty clear the broker has to simply refund you the $500 since it’s neither his fault nor yours that the dealer had a change of heart (which by the way has been happening a lot lately, and it sucks). I would give the broker a chance to at least respond to you before you post a review in their thread.

I read OP’s post as he hasn’t been able to get in touch with the broker for ten days, but the language isn’t 100% clear.


Agreed. It would help if OP provides some details regarding his communications (or attempted communications) with the broker after he learned the deal was cancelled.

With things as hectic as they are, I wonder if the broker even got notified that BMW had to cancel the build…

Or “her” review thread. Agree. @Rafael - this is the only tool we have here.


Thanks for the replies and apologies if I didn’t explain things clearly.

The deal was struck on June 3rd. I received an email shortly thereafter with instructions on how to move forward and confirm the deal with the broker, which included paying a broker fee of $499, confirming my build, and applying for credit approval through BMW. I immediately did all of the above.

Upon completion of the BMW credit app, I received a prompt advising that I would get a response within 24 hours. 24 hours passed and no one had contacted me so I reached out to the broker whom advised that my application had been approved. The last step was to wait for the dealership to contact me to collect a $2,000 deposit.

On June 5th, I received a call from the broker wherein I was told that s/he was trying to place my order and that it appeared as though certain features I selected on my build were not available due to the chip shortage. The call concluded with me authorizing the broker to complete my order without those features but with the understanding that s/he would confirm availability directly with the dealer on Monday.

On Monday, June 7th, the broker confirmed that the aforentioned features were not available. I expressed disappointment but confirmed that I wanted to move forward with the deal nonetheless. Our conversation ended with her/him giving me delivery vs pickup options once the vehicle arrived in August.

I didn’t hear from the broker nor the dealership for the next few days so I reached out to her/him on Thursday , June 10th. I let them know that no one had contacted me from the dealership to collect the deposit. I also specifically asked for confirmation that my order had been placed. I was told that the order was placed, was given a number to a rep at the dealership, and was told to call the following day. I was excited thinking that I was going to complete the last step of paying my deposit.

I called the rep twice on Friday, June 11th but he didn’t answer. I texted the broker to let them know that I had called but couldn’t get a hold of the rep. My text went unanswered. I called the rep again on Saturday, June 12th, when he finally picked up. He told me that he was sorry to deliver bad news but my order could not be honored due to inventory issues.

I’m not sure if I was more disappointed at the fact that my order was cancalled by BMW or that I got the news from this rep as opposed to the broker I had been dealing with for several weeks. I immediately called the broker hoping to hear that it was a mistake and that the rep had confused my deal for another but sadly that wasn’t the case. The broker confirmed the news. I bit my tongue and didn’t get into how poorly I felt the broker handled the communication of this news. Instead, I thanked the broker for their time and asked that my money be refunded. The broker stated that they were experiencing some issues with their bank account so they couldn’t guarantee that the money would be refunded that same day but that I would receive it no later than Monday, June 14th.

I texted the broker Monday evening asking that the money please be refunded. I received a response advising that the banking issues continued.

I texted the broker again on Thursday, June 17th once again asking that the money be refunded. I didn’t receive any response at all this time.

I called the broker this evening, prior to my original post, and my call went unanswered.

Needless to say, I’m annoyed. I can’t believe that a broker that seems to deal with a decent amount of volume on this forum is giving me trouble over $500. I haven’t wanted to expose this person which is why I haven’t commented on any of their posts nor have I mentioned their name on this post. I’m just beyond dumbfounded at this behavior. I was so happy with everything up until the end. I thought I was never going to have to step into a dealership again and had found someone I could do business with now and in the future but I guess that’s not the case.

Sorry for the long post but I hope I provided sufficient details for you all to fully understand the situation.


I don’t know the broker or their situation but the pattern of behavior is pretty consistent with money troubles. Hopefully they get it sorted quickly, or at least communicate with you and acknowledge that they are working on it.


Name and shame the broker.

Did you pay the “broker” fee by card? Chargeback.


Well, there’s only two broker threads OP has posted in so…


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What car did you order?



Thank you for that much needed context. So sorry to hear what you went through. It sounds like a pretty straightforward request to get your money back. I can’t imagine what banking issue would prevent the broker from refunding you. I’m glad they’ve at least agreed to refund you and it’s not a situation where they are claiming they are entitled to keep the fee. Now it’s just a matter of getting them to actually issue the refund to you. Seems you’ve given them ample opportunity to do this and they’re still ignoring you. Hopefully this thread will get their attention.

Just curious - how did you pay the $500 broker fee? With a CC? PayPal? Venmo?


“Already spent it” would I suppose technically be a banking issue.



I’ll rip the bandaid off. :upside_down_face:


The vehicle was an X7 and I sent the money via Zelle.

I should also note that I know things come up unexpectedly that can pull us away from our responsibilities so I checked to see if the broker had commented recently to help ensure that they just weren’t unavailable to respond due to some pressing issue. Sure enough they’ve had time to entertain purge prospective customers but not enough time to respond to me.


My bad lol fixed

You’re at the mercy of the other party, sir. Never, ever use Zelle.