BMW 745e M-Sport - $565/Month $2500DAS

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Where is the $750 lease rebate coming from?

That is lease to lease on the 7

I thought they had no incentives on the 7 as far as lease cash goes. New this month?


Flagship is 9
Loyalty is 3
L to L for 7 is 750


Yeah no idea i had the 750 coming but dealer gave it. Can’t complain about free money lol

And he’s still offering clarity and advice…Mike you are a nice guy.


Lol. you should use that to pay your broker


Broker fee? Why haven’t you just wondered into a dealership to look at cars and stumbled across a deal that was posted on a site you frequent? I mean he’s not even a BMW guy he’s a “Mercedes guy”…when deals are so good they seem to almost be pre planned and waiting…you can’t just pass on a test drive or lease with the exact terms can you?

But then have the audacity to post and make every straggler that’s comes in here to ask for it even though he has no loyalty, no OL and no penfed, although that doesn’t stack.


Good info here for September 2020 maybe even Oct.

The thread is a good data-point, enjoy the car.

For reference. J code (PenFed) and OL code do not stack but some dealers don’t know (or don’t care) but get penalized for it in the future. Closing thread as it has enough useful information. OP pm a Trusted Hackr if you want it reopen.


Here are the data points again since most people cannot see them any more.

2020 BMW 745e M-Sport
MSRP: $105900
Selling Price: 81,000
Monthly Payment: $569 Taxed
Drive-Off Amount: $2500
Annual Mileage:7.500
MF: .00099
Residual: 56
Incentives: Loyalty (3,000) + Lease Rebate (750) + OL (1,000) + Penfed (500) $1500 POST REBATE CCA
Region: NE
Leasehackr Score: 14.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


OP will upload his deal sheet

Great deal indeed, Congratulations. But IF ITS TRUE, really unprofessional on the skimming broker part. What’s sad is that you have been an active member on here for a while now and not just someone who joined in for a quick skim and bounce for another 3 years. Really hard to believe anyone can get a deal like that even with a dealer call back and not even the last day of the month. Trust me when I say last day of the month as I have shopped a dozen cars with that strategy. Like other said, as an active member, you should pay your broker OR if you will stay in denial, since you mentioned you learnt of it through another members unicorn deal, maybe just donate the fees to the forum and at least become a Supporter.


I was actually going to donate to forums today once this thread was opened back up. I’m not in denial but everyone seems to take brokers side. Even if I did use his deals, the dealership would have maxed it out at brokers discount and monthly. I got something a lot better. Just because I said “Mike was right about you guys” causing a shit storm for no reason. You don’t think others on this forum use brokers deals to get what they want without actually using a broker?

Edit: $400 difference in MSRP was extra accessories I got**

Anyways here was my deal, but doesn’t include the CCA post sale rebate

Using a brokers deal as a baseline to achieve the same deal is VERY different than using a broker, knowing what dealership their deal is from and going around them. To each their own but its ethically an incorrect move. If you can afford a $100k car at whichever payment you got, you should be able to afford the brokers fee. Regardless just because “other guys on the forum” have done it, doesn’t make it right.

Either way enjoy the car as others have said!


By mentioning him, using him first (4x times apparently) then going to his dealer after he posted his deal, or shopping it to try and get more out of it?

The bad part of all of this, is that you worked with @Bostoncarconcierge before, know his dealer, see him post a 745e deal, then go to the dealer, shop it on here, and then buy it from the dealer and mention Mike in conversation with the sales manager.

Did you not post a wanted ad, right after Mike posted his 745e asking us to beat it, by quite a far margin btw. This thread is beating a dead and stupid horse.

7d Ago

8d ago


I guess no one understands that I didn’t remotely ask Mike for a deal or an opinion. He said back in March that he doesn’t want my business due to me being “picky”. I went to World Wide BMW and got a quote, and my dealer matched it. I simply used @senwia deal to get where I wanted to be. I don’t understand why no one can believe that. He got an even better deal than I did so I should be paying him for posting it.

If I was really skimming, I could have told every person who has PMd me which dealer I got it from but I didn’t.

Anyways thanks to the forums for always helping. Once their servers are back up, I will donate.

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Thread was temporarily reopened to upload the deal sheet.